Beau Golob Establishes A Way For Patients To Access Healthcare Through

President, Beau Golob Creates A new Online Application To Greater Enhance The Process And Experience Of Healthcare For All

Online PR News – 15-September-2012 – San Francisco, California – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. – AUGUST 30, 2012 - Doctors Improving Healthcare’s President, Beau Golob has initiated and executed another beneficial tool for patients to achieve better healthcare in this country. With Golob’s creation and launch of - an innovative online healthcare service that allows patients to meet and choose their Doctors or Dentists through special video interviews, patients are able to enjoy and benefit from a much more efficient, reliable and effective experience in the healthcare process, overall.

Mr. Golob’s goal in finding an alternative way in which healthcare can be accessed and provided has accumulated to an evolution of success and relief for all parties involved in healthcare, as a nation. Golob’s online healthcare booking service has not only benefited patients with a more discerning and efficient way of choosing a physician, but has also benefited Doctors with a better platform and access to patients in order to grow and build their practices.

It is the purpose of these great initiatives implemented by Doctors Improving Healthcare through the direction of Beau Golob that every possible outlet utilized through, marketing, media, promotion and online vehicles instrumented can help to make the healthcare process and experience more beneficial to all.

“In today’s day in age, everything is pretty much accessible online…there are almost applications for just about everything right now. It was my thought to question, ‘what about healthcare?’ patients, should be able to view and see the doctor’s on their plans before they book and spend money on their appointments and be able to conveniently book dr. appointments online,” states Beau Golob.

More About Beau Golob
Before starting, Beau Golob worked as a Senior Account Manager at CBS/ Viacom Infinity Broadcasting where he focused on Technology and Healthcare accounts. Prior to that he worked at Clear Channel Communications as a National Account Manager for the San Francisco Broadcasting Market, where he was instrumental in developing successful marketing promotions for key clients and known brands. Golob is no stranger to creating and implementing creative and strategic media partnerships that coincide with promoting and benefiting the desired consumers. With the creation and launch of Doctors Improving Healthcare, it has been Golob’s dream and vision to be able to structure a better format and program through various key initiatives in order to better the healthcare industry and experience process for everyone.

About Doctors Improving Healthcare
Doctors Improving Healthcare is a company dedicated to creating an online arena with services structured towards creating and enabling an easier and more accessible healthcare process for providers and patients, with the goal of finding valuable solutions to assist in healing the healthcare crisis and issues across America.