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A former actor and author of ’27 And All Washed Up’ talks about his book and his career in Hollywood with TheCelebrityCafĂ©.com.

Online PR News – 15-September-2012 – LONG ISLAND, NY – Craig Hurley talks to TheCelebrityCafĂ©.com about his previous encounters with other actors during his childhood acting career on various TV shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, 21 Jump Street, Life Goes On, and Nasty Boys. Hurley reveals the truth about working in the entertainment industry.
Craig Hurley told about how celebrities exposed their happiness in the fact that he even wrote the book ’27 And All Washed Up’, regardless of what he said or didn’t say. The book includes images that were collected through the years of his acting career and took about four years to compose.
“I originally never intended to write this book,” he said. His co-star from the play “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was always asking him to tell stories of days when he met celebrities like Adam Sandler or Johnny Depp. In the process of writing the book, the two carried out about 20 recorded interviews and it took about a year to transcribe them.
Hurley discussed the industry and how TV has made entertainment not only about talent, but ‘reality’ shows and how the people that are becoming celebrities aren’t talented enough to hold a “household name” unlike the hardworking stars that have been around forever. He says, “I can see why people think Hollywood has changed because you can be a celebrity almost instantly but you can drop out just as quickly.” When it is time to retire, or move on from a certain standpoint of the entertainment industry, Hurley suggests to attempt to do something that you would love to do.
Craig Hurley and TheCelebrityCafé.com both agreed that in entertainment, you gain more popularity and publicity through bad behavior than through talent or success.
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