SuperDonate, Inc. Announces Computer Program that Donates Computing Power to Charity

SuperDonate automatically earns money for your favorite charity any time your computer is on.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – New York, NY – SuperDonate, Inc. has developed a computer program that automatically earns money for charity. The SuperDonate application silently runs in the background to generate money for the charity selected by the user. The program does not affect computer performance and is completely free. However, the donations to charity are still very real.

“Every day millions of computers are powered on but idle, wasting energy while performing no useful work. We have created an application that can earn money for charity by efficiently using this idle computer time.” said Tom Bak, Founder of SuperDonate, Inc. “This computing time that would otherwise be wasted can now help many good causes.”

Donating to charity with SuperDonate is simple and safe. After installing the application, the user simply chooses the charity he wants to earn money for. The user can now minimize SuperDonate to a tiny icon that will continue working quietly in the background. Since SuperDonate only activates when the user’s computer is idle, the user will notice no difference in the performance of his computer. Users can track their daily personal and team donations on the company’s website.

SuperDonate earns money by selling idle computer time to organizations that need to solve important math, science and health problems. In exchange for this computing power, the organization will give money towards the charity selected by the user. Distributed computing networks like SuperDonate are regularly used for AIDS research, cancer research, pharmaceutical drug discovery, clean energy research and mathematical problems.

Using the distributed computing network built by SuperDonate is good for the environment. Very large data centers are being built every day for computing needs. Not only are these data centers expensive and inefficient, but they're also a significant source of energy waste and pollution. The New York Times reported in May 2008 that "data centers will surpass the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter by 2020." By letting idle computers do the work instead, these wasteful data centers do not need to be built.

The SuperDonate program currently donates to one of five charities, including The Nature Conservancy, Charity: water, The Oaktree Foundation, The Invisible Youth Network and Philippine Aid Society. More charities will be added in the near future.

SuperDonate is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and can be downloaded from

About SuperDonate: The mission of SuperDonate, Inc. is to help humanity through innovative technology. SuperDonate has created an application that can earn money for charity by efficiently using the idle time of your computer.

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