Hemmington CM Now Offers Contracts for Difference (CFD) Trading

Hemmington CM announces the launch of Contract for Difference (CFDs) products.

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – 14/09/2012 -Hong Kong/Hong Kong – Hemmington CM announces the introduction of Contracts for Difference, known as CFDs, for clients trading in commodities and underlying equity shares. All investors have electronic access to our state of the art trading platform CFDs and can now make those trades from the same account and trading platform at a low dealing cost, with more CFDs on other financial products to follow shortly.
CFD products carry several highlights. The product offers transparent low brokerage fees and carries no Stamp Duty. Investors have the facility to buy or sell short in tightly-quoted markets. Through Hemmington CM, customers receive low interest charges and finance fees. Further, our clients have the ability to leverage their positions through the simplicity of a single account using Hemmington CM' award-winning trading platform.
The advantages of CFDs:
Higher Leverage
Global Market Access from One Platform
No Shorting Rules or Borrowing Stock
Professional Execution With No Fees
No Day Trading Requirements
Variety of Trading Options
There are stock, index, treasury, currency and commodity CFDs; even sector CFDs has emerged. Thus not only stock traders benefit; traders of many different financial vehicles can look to the CFD as an alternative.
There are many advantages to CFD trading including lower margin requirements, easy access to global markets, no shorting or day trading rules and little or no fees. However, high leverage magnifies losses when they occur, and having to continually pay a spread to enter and exit positions can be costly when large price movements do not occur. CFDs provide an excellent alternative for certain types of trades or traders, such as short and long-term investors, but each individual must weigh the costs and benefits and proceed according to what works best within their trading plan
Sebastian Lee Hei, Managing Director of Hemmington CM says: “We are focused on providing Credibility, low Cost and Choice to our clients. At a low cost, you can now trade shares, options, futures, ETFs, bonds, forex and CFDs, globally."
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