Ray Aquilina Installations (RAICO) Launches The Interactive Website

With anything and everything getting online, we don’t want to be left behind. As we like to be the best of the best, our new website is also made to be the best. Our website is very interactive and self explanatory about the electrical and mechanical supplies, according to the professionals of Ray Aquilina Installations

Online PR News – 27-June-2009 – – Attard, June 27, 2009 - “Through all these years, we have been supplying the electrical and mechanical stuff to the projects around the planet. We are well aware of the fact that RAICO is not strange to the Electrical Engineering or the Mechanical Engineering world. Though we are very popular across the seas for many reasons such as the quality of the products and the timeliness of the delivery, we somehow backed in the online technology. There is a reason why we didn’t enter into the online space through all these years though we were pretty good in our service. As you may know, RAICO gives atmost importance to the quality and so we thought that there is no reason to hurry to get our business online. We wanted to make sure that our online offering should be the best of the best. At last the day is here, our interactive website for getting information about the Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering projects done through RAICO is finally launched” says Ray Aquilina of RAICO.

Speaking on more details about the website, Ray Aquilina said, “Besides being a portfolio, the website was built to allow RAICO clients to log in and easily view documents related to their project. The website is still under developments and many new features of the website are all set to go. All the features will be integrated within the website in the near future so that our clients across the planet can see their projects online. Accessibility to the projects progress and status will be the main focus of the website.”

Speaking on the move, Ray Aquilina said, “There were several comments that launching a website under the worst economic condition will be a bad idea. For the moment of truth, we are not at all affected by the nosedived economic conditions and we never will be. It is clearly evident from the progress of the projects that we are carrying our. Though the mechanical and Electrical Engineering projects seemed to be stopped everywhere, our quality of service makes us keep going. According to us, we have made a wise move and this is the rightr time to launch a website.”

Ray Aquilina Installations was set up in 1988 by it sole proprietor Ray Aquilina. Starting from humble beginnings, the company established a strong reputation for quality, service, and timeliness in delivery of services. Such attributes are key drivers behind the company’s continued growth and search for excellence. For more information, visit http://www.raico.com.mt

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