, Care World TV will be launching a show titled ‘Psychology behind Love – Make It or Break It’. The show that starts from September 12 will run for two seasons. Deepak J. Kashyap,the renowned psychologist will give necessary counseling to couples live on the show

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – 14 Mumbai/ Maharashtra – Mumbai, Sept 14, 2012: The definition of love and relationships is ever evolving in the youth and is turning out to be destructive. With the rising number of issues related to love affairs and sexual causes, the city notices a rise in murders and suicidal attempts too. Data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau shows that last year about 300 people were killed because of love affairs and sexual reasons and about 200 were a result of vengeance.

Addressing to this disastrous change, Care World TV will be launching a show titled ‘Psychology behind Love – Make It or Break It’ that will provide assistance to deal with various relationship issues faced by couples. The show that starts from September 12 will run for two seasons. The first shall look through ten episodes involving married and unmarried couples. Through the show Care World TV is trying to analyze various problems in the relationship. It has been observed that Love has changed its perceived value of deep emotions.

With the help of a renowned psychologist, Mr. Deepak J. Kashyap, necessary counseling will be provided to couples live on the show. The psychologist is a certified life skills trainer and a columnist in national newspapers and magazines who analyses issues related to sex, mental health, relationship and emotional trauma.

One of the case studies on the show features a couple, Rinky and Aniruddha who have been in a relationship since Aniruddha was a struggler. Rinky persuaded and supported him by asking her uncle to help get him a job. Post Aniruddha started making good money, he took the relationship for granted and would demean Rinky by teasing her about various aspects. Just to take revenge, she started sending abusive mails to his boss and romantic messages to all his female friends from his personal number with the intention of spoiled his reputation. A devastated Aniruddha has approached ‘Psychology behind Love’ for help. Then the renowned psychologist in the show provides appropriate counseling to the couple to avoid further complications and bitterness in the relationship.

Talking about this unique concept of the show, Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TV says, “Never before has any channel made an attempt to show the actual relationship counseling. This show will look beyond mundane issues of love. It will scratch the surface and have an insight to real and more serious issues. The show takes on psychological problems such as Cheating, Suspicion, Monogamy, Revenge, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Violence, Torture, Paranoia, Ego, Finance, Health, Family among others involved in a relationship.”

As per the study, property disputes claimed 147 lives in the state, while 113 cases of dowry-related murders were reported. Cases related to love and sex are not a rare sight in the city anymore. Though gathered under the common title of love affairs and sexual causes, the offences include incidents where an innocent was murdered for not responding to romantic encounters, extra marital affairs, jealousy or suspicion. The trend witnessed in Maharashtra, however, is opposite to the one seen in crimes across the country, where personal vendetta tops the list, followed by love affairs.

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