TeethCenter Reports Medicaid Cuts have Americans Searching for Affordable Dental Insurance

States across the US are cutting dental coverge from their medicaid policies and Americians are searching for affordable dental insurance and coverage

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – San Diego, CA – Illinois is just the latest state to slash dental coverage from its Medicaid policies. In July, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn cut dental coverage reducing adult dental coverage to emergency tooth extractions. "These cuts are affecting Americans and they are being hit with an expense they didn't plan on having" says Teegan Richardson, a TeethCenter spokesperson. Earlier this year, the Senate sub-committee on primary health and aging released information concluding that over 130 million Americans currently lack dental coverage and more than 830,000 visits to emergency rooms were for preventable dental conditions. "American's need affordable dental insurance and they need it fast," says Richardson. "This is a growing problem and it's not even considering dental insurance for seniors." With many of the current government funding, children are covered but Seniors looking for dental insurance are struggling. "We want to get the word out that there are alternatives for these people. Many people think that traditional dental insurance is the only option and that is simply not true."

These cuts are affecting Americans and they are being hit with an expense they didnt plan on having

Low cost dental plans are perfect for people that are affected by these cuts. These non-insurance policies are basically no waiting period dental insurance and although they are actually insurance, they offer many of the same benefits with the added bonus of having no waiting period and no pre-existing condition provisions." TeethCenter offers a variety of information on shopping for low cost dental insurance and low cost dental plans on their website www.teethcenter.com

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