Proximiant’s ‘Touch and Go’ Digital Receipts service to be compatible with iPhone 5

After Apple’s confirmation that the iPhone 5 will not feature the technology, Proximiant announces that its app will be fully compatible with non-NFC phones

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – Mountain View, CA – After Apple officially confirmed the absence of an NFC chip in its new iPhone 5, Silicon Valley-based tech firm Proximiant announced today that its ‘Touch and Go’ Digital Receipts app will be compatible with both NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled smartphones as well as those which do not feature the technology. Proximiant’s product functionality is completely independent of Apple’s choice of hardware due to its use of QR codes and scanning technology.

“Each time Apple releases a new product, it is always met by excitement and speculation,” said Proximiant CEO Fang Cheng. “While the iPhone 5 does not include NFC technology, Proximiant’s mobile app is still fully functional for consumers to tap their phones, receive electronic receipts, and manage coupons, deals and returns with ease.”

Proximiant’s ‘Touch and Go’ Digital Receipts is a paper-free way to keep track of shopping habits by receiving receipts digitally with a tap of a NFC-enabled smartphone on a Proximiant device (found in participating retail stores). Proximiant does not stop there, however: receipts can also be beamed to non-NFC smartphones by capturing the QR code displayed on Proximiant’s device at checkout. Afterwards, shoppers can use the app (available for both iOS and Android) to search through receipts by item keyword, store name, date purchased, or other criteria- all without having to give up personal information.

Proximiant’s Digital Receipts (which has been gaining popularity among people attracted to the sheer practicality of scanning and managing receipts) can be used by anyone with an iPhone or Android device.

“Proximiant’s client base is set to explode with a large quantity of retailers launching ‘Touch and Go’ Digital Receipt services, so the launch of the iPhone 5 and the excitement around the mobile industry could not have come at a better time,” Cheng said. “Proximiant is focused on meeting the evolving need of today’s shopper, and helping retailers stay ahead of the curve to attract modern consumers. This is why we’ve made sure the app is accessible on both iOS and Android, with or without NFC enablement.”

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About Proximiant
Proximiant is a Mountain View, California based company and a leader in Touch&Go mobile receipts and targeted CRM. The company's patent-pending technology allows shoppers to get digital receipts beamed directly to their mobile phone without having to provide their email address or phone number. This less-invasive solution has a built-in CRM and mobile marketing platform for retailers to effectively launch loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, new product announcements, customer surveys, daily specials and more. Proximiant easily integrates into existing POS systems in minutes and will drive store traffic (in-store and online), loyalty and sales while improving the shopping experience.

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