New Mental Wellness Guide Reveals Depression Symptoms in Men
09/13/2012 releases a new guidebook to help detect depression and suffering in men

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – San Diego, CA – According to an article recently published by, studies now show that over six million men in the U.S. suffer from depression. In the past, women were viewed as suffering from depression more than men, but men's depression diagnosis is matching women's diagnosis in percentage numbers.

One of the reasons men failed to be diagnosed with depression in the past was the stigma associated with depression. A depression diagnosis is more acceptable in women and they are more likely to seek medical treatment than men. Men usually shy away from seeking medical treatment and view a depression diagnosis as a sign of weakness, or a character flaw.

While the signs and symptoms of depression are the same in men and women, men have their own unique way of expressing signs of depression. Men will stop participating in sports, hobbies or other pleasurable activities. While women tend to eat more when they are depressed, men shy away from food when they are depressed. They feel like they're not masculine enough and they'll experience a drop in their libidos. Some men lose interest in romantic or sexual activity altogether. Along with this, men who suffer from depression experience physical symptoms, such as erectile dysfunction.

Other physical symptoms of depression in men include mood swings, combative or aggressive behavior, or sudden bursts of irritability. Since women tend to equate depression with sadness, they might be confused as to why their men seem to be angry when they might be suffering from depression. It's very important for women to understand the signs of depression in men, as well as the effects depression has in their relationships with men.

Since men are reticent to ask for help, it's been reported that men are up to four times more likely than women to commit suicide. In fact, a CDC report claims that up to 80% of all reported suicides were committed by men.

Meanwhile, a couple's romantic relationship or marriage might be on figurative life-support due to the lack of treatment or understanding of depression.

The Men's Depression Guide is a new mental wellness resource from The "11 Insights to Help Understand Depression Symptoms in Men" can help couples and men understand depression better, as well as the signs of depression they exhibit.


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