VIP Realty’s New Home Buyer Rebate Program Saves Clients Thousands

Through its new home buyer rebate program, VIP Realty helps its clients save thousands on their home purchases by refunding 1% to 1.5% of the commission.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – Body: HOUSTON, Texas (March 17, 2010) – Helping put more money back into buyers’ pockets, VIP Realty’s new home buyer rebate program gives back a portion of the brokerage commission to the buyer at closing.

This exclusive home buyer rebate program, which is aimed at individuals interested in purchasing Texas real estate, such as Dallas condos, allows buyers to receive a percentage of the commission that VIP Realty receives from the seller. This program costs the buyer absolutely nothing to participate.

Buyers who use VIP Realty as their exclusive buyer’s agent can enjoy up to 1.5 percent back on the sales price of their home if they use VIP Realty’s Cash Back Rebate Program. This program is available on any piece of Texas real estate currently listed for sale. From new construction to homes listed under other real estate firms, the VIP Realty home buyer rebate program is open to all buyers who use VIP Realty to help them find their next Texas home.

According to Richard Soto, the managing broker at VIP Realty, “This program has afforded many buyers the opportunity to put cash back into their pockets after closing. We are proud of this exclusive program and have received only the most positive feedback from our buyers.”

Because most buyers are searching for Dallas real estate online now through the vast number of real estate sites, the need to use an agent is minimized. To be exact, VIP Realty is essentially paying back the buyer for being actively involved in searching for their own home. In other words, VIP Realty is rewarding the buyer, in the form of a new home buyer rebate program, for saving them time.

Buyer Pauline Huynh remarks, “I got my check in the mail today. Just about $6,000 for just using your great service, thanks VIP Realty. I still can't believe I got paid to use your FREE service!”

Whether a buyer is searching for Dallas real estate or Fort Worth real estate, or any Texas real estate at all, VIP Realty accepts a reduced brokerage fee if the buyer chooses VIP Realty as their exclusive agent.

The buyer services provided by VIP Realty are comprehensive, from assistance conducting an initial home search to the settlement. In addition, VIP Realty’s buyer agents have extensive experience in negotiations, which allows buyers to be certain that they are getting the best price for their newest piece of Dallas real estate.

VIP Realty utilizes cutting-edge real estate technology to understand market trends and true valuations, which also help in the negotiation process.

About VIP Realty: As a leading North Texas and Dallas real estate agency, VIP Realty has been proudly serving the community through its dedicated professionalism and market expertise. Leveraging technology to benefit both its residential and commercial clients, VIP Realty consistently provides precise, up-to-the-minute updates about the market conditions and selling prices to its clients, whether they are interested in Dallas condos, Dallas real estate, or any other Texas real estate community in between.


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