Seven Carwash, Korea, Establishes a Joint Distribution Center in LA, USA

Seven Carwash, Korea is the manufacturer of professional cleaning equipments in Korea.

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – korea – Seven Carwash, Korea, has been in operation since 2005. In these 7 years they have been steadily developing equipment to upgrade the existing car washing techniques into a science that is eco friendly while being efficient and effective. Their innovation and technical knowledge is apparent in their success in developing the steam car wash machines. They have emerged one of the best professional cleaning equipment companies in Korea. Incessant research in the existing car cleaning techniques and constant striving to improve has allowed them to make inroads into the international car cleaning communities too. The proof that they have arrived in the international market is the establishment of a joint distribution center in Los Angeles, USA.

True to their website proclamation, “It is our mission to producing cleaning machines and supplies that are both effective enough to meet and exceed our customer's needs and to better protect and preserve the environment.” Seven Carwash has been ceaselessly trying to improve their services by taking customer feedback and incorporating it in their work. Their aim in serving their customers is that they form a lifelong bond with them. Their exacting quality control and prompt service does ensure that the customer keeps coming back to them for each carwash. Besides they also strive to use stable and economic products in their work, while also developing technologies that use least energy so as to reduce environmental pollution as much as possible, making it an eco-friendly carwash.

With the success of their foray into the international market, Seven Carwash is now a name to reckon in the field of car washing and carwash equipment. They are acclaimed manufacturers and exporters of the steam car wash machine, steam vacuum cleaners and other car cleaning equipment. Their main services are automobile servicing and cleaning. They cater to many countries spread over the North and South Americas, European Union, Middle East, Oceania, Africa and Southeast Asia.
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