Juan Pablo Molyneux denies designing interior of $100 Million Penthouse in

Will this have a negative effect on the worth of the penthouse?

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – -- – San Francisco, CA - Famous interior designer, Juan Pablo Molyneux was not happy after his name was wrongly associated with a $100 million Penthouse in New York City by real estate developer, Steven Klar.

Yes, the octagon shaped penthouse in midtown is the priciest apartment currently for sale in New York City but, that does not mean the apartment is free from critics.

While speaking with the New York Times earlier in July, Klar proudly claimed that the interior of the penthouse was designed by Molyneux. However, Molyneux later told New York Times reporter, Alexei Barrionuevo, that he merely drew up the initial plans for the apartment but they were not implemented.

Barrionuevo added that Mr. Moleyneus approached him from Paris and denied that he had any involvement in the decoration of the octagon shaped penthouse. After viewing pictures online, Moleyneux said, “The way he did the curtains, the moldings, the type of furniture, it is not me. To a point where it is almost funny,” he added.

He repeatedly claimed that he laid out the original plans but they were not carried out as Mr. Klar dropped him from the project.

Despite Moleyneus’ statements, Mr Klar stuck to his original statement. Klar stated that he was consistent on his part and stressed that he carried out Moleyneux’s plan. The only difference was that he did not hire a designer to keep an eye on the work.

According to businessinsider.com, Mr. Klar said, “We used his decorating designs totally. It was all his plans.” He added that, the curtains, the use of marbles and columns, everything was followed as per the plan of Molyneux.

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