02 hands out £1 million for recycle mobile phones

The UK mobile service provider, 02 is now making a big mark in the field of mobile recycling. In a short-period of 5-6 months, it has received a record number of old mobile phones for recycling.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – The concept of Recycle mobile phones (http://www.bestcontractmobilephonedeals.co.uk/recycle-mobile.asp) is speedily gaining momentum across the UK. More and more mobile phone users in the UK now have a better understanding about how to recycle their old mobile devices. The leading mobile service provider O2 has so far shelled out a whopping amount of £1 million as a cash incentives to its customers in exchange of their old handsets.

In its bid to safeguard the deteriorating environment health, O2 came out with its recycling website named '02 Recycle' in October, last year. Now, all an interested old phone seller needs to do is log onto the site and enter the make and model of his handset to get an estimated value. The service provider then sends a prepaid postage bag to the customer to send his phone. The customer gets the cash amount within the pre-specified time-period. So, the whole process is as simple as saying A B C.

As per the reports, 02 has received a record number of old phones till now (with in just 5-6 months) for recycling. The 'environment wellness' factor is also playing a big role in making people come out with their old mobile gadgets for recycling. Since these companies reuse the collected handsets for further use, the ever-growing pressure on natural resources automatically comes down.

Besides O2, there are various other dedicated websites as well, which offer the services of 'recycle mobile phones' and also let the old phone owners to get some cash in return. Now, this really sounds as a good option for those who have their outdated handsets lying in some corner of home or in a drawer. By opting for recycling, one not only contributes his share to the environment health, but also gets cash incentives for a rather unused and old mobile phone.