Coltraco Limited Introduces Its New Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical

A Step Further In Ultrasonic Technology
Sep. 2012 - Yet another tech-licious launch from Coltraco Limited, after the success of its previous Portalevelâ„¢ MAX, the new Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical, specially designed to give an excellent user

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – Mayfair London – Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical is designed to offer an internal analysis of the unit, so that the operator can study the ultrasonic energy waveforms and can achieve a definite insight to the ultrasonic signals as they pass through the containers, containing liquid. Moreover Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical also lets the operator study different ultrasonic behaviors as the rays pass through different kinds of materials, thus enabling its users to gain a wholesome understanding of how the unit is operating in different materials.

The physical design of Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical such as is similar to its previous Portalevelâ„¢ MAX, and operates with a user-friendly Go-No-Go indication. The unit is supplied an Oscillograph and comes with a universal port, which allows it to connect with any oscilloscope. This new feature is specially introduced for the ease of its users, who can now easily study the ultrasonic energy waveforms.

The ultrasonic energy waveform is useful to know and determine the behavior of device as it measures the liquid level in different materials, and helps user to study its versatility across a variety of applications. Moreover, the new Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical brand new LCD display makes the overall experience easier and hassle-free for its users.

Coltraco Limited is an ISO 9002, one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasonic equipments in United States and has been successfully supplying its quality products to several industries including marine, fire protection, offshore Petrochemical Plants and Defense. The company has been constantly trying to improve its user experience, and hence our new Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical such as is another successful step towards our mission.

For our new ninth generation Portalevelâ„¢ Analytical, we have fused the best of Admiralty Research and Naval Research traditions to give industry something to rely on in terms of quality and complete satisfaction.

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Coltraco Limited is the world leader in their very niche field of Ultrasonic Instrumentation and has been in operation since 1987. They specialise in the design and manufacture of Ultrasonic Safety Management & Preventative Maintenance equipment. Their equipment is in use throughout the Marine, Shipping, Defence, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Offshore, Fire Protection, Power Generating, Industrial and Rail sectors, in 105 countries worldwide. Coltraco Ltd can be contacted via email @, via phone @ +44 207 629 8475 or through website at: