Widin Co. Ltd. got awarded 5 Million Dollar Achievement Trophy for year 2011

WIDIN is one of the primary cutting machine manufacturing companies in Korea

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – korea – Widin Co. Ltd. has been producing international level cutting machines, end mills and best power drills since the year 1987. They have been exporting their products to several companies like Japan, Turkey, China, Spain, Austria, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. Their sincerity in incessantly improving the quality of their products and high productivity has brought them laurels from the government frequently and other governing bodies. The latest feather in their cap is the 5 Million Dollar Achievement Trophy for the year 2011. This comes as a well-deserved appreciation for the hard work and creativity that Widin Co. Ltd. has put into the field of cutting machines.

The list of products that Widin Co. Ltd. manufactures in their premises at Changwon-City in Korea is almost endless. Right from high hardened & high speed machining to diamond coated end mills, they have it all ready and waiting for you to place an order with them. Their ball end mills, with the high hardened and high speed feature, are the best tools to cut hard materials. All their end mills are available in a wide range of sizes to suit each company’s unique requirements. Widin Co. Ltd. carries out thorough research so as to develop state-of-the-art high performance cutting tools with the use of advanced technologies and expertise. The personnel Widin Co. Ltd. are experts at their jobs, whose customer service is such that these customers make lifelong associations with Widin Co. Ltd.

Widin Co. Ltd. offer cutting machines and tools made of ultra-fine grain carbide and coated with long life titanium aluminum nitride to assure accuracy, durability and performance. The ball end mills of Widin Co ltd also have low surface roughness and very high substrate adhesion which is ideal for composite material machining. Widin Co Ltd is the ultimate destination of a wide range of high quality end mills for all the industrial needs. Visit www.iwidin.com to have a complete idea about their products.