A Book to Make Dogs Healthier As Everyday Passes

An e-Book, “Make Your Dog Healthy”, on the importance of dog foods to keep dogs healthy and to extend their lifespan is available. The importance of quality raw foods, recipes, portions, and journals are dealt with in this book.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – Lincoln, Lincolnshire ( Onlineprnews ) March 17, 2010 - An e-Book, “Make Your Dog Healthy”, on the importance of raw dog foods, ways to prepare foods, portions given to dogs, and journals is available.

When the information available in this book is put to proper use, it is stated that the dog’s life is extended. Moreover the dog also leads a healthy and happy life during its lifespan. Rick Williams, Sun-Belt Papillons, on the author Gary Sanders of this e-Book, “He is very clear as to why this food plan is needed and is the best nutritional diet that you can have for your dog. He points out how varied it is and how easy it is to put together”.

For those who have no idea about the types of raw foods to give to their dogs, this book might be an eye-opener. Kieren Roberts of Raleigh says, “The guide is real easy to use and I like the steps because they don’t take any real brain power to follow and I can just make the food at the start of the week for all week. It’s easy but the health benefits are awesome. No effort for real returns – love it!”

The author Gary Sanders shows the different types of raw foods to give to your pet. He also gives idea on the foods to avoid. A journal for a pet is important to keep track of the events in the pet’s life. The importance of such a journal and a sample journal is also given in this book.

Shanice Rogers of Atlanta says, “I’ve tried loads of stuff before and none of it worked till I found your program at makeyourdoghealthy.com (http://www.makeyourdoghealthy.com). It sounded a little off to me; especially the raw veggies and fruits and stuff but I gave it a go”. The book guides the dog owners to make recipes that dogs like to have.

This book gives information on treatments using herbs, journaling, and exercises for pets among other valuable information. Around 10 chapters on topics of varied interests for dog owners are available in this e-book.

The e-Book “Make Your Dog Healthy” (http://www.makeyourdoghealthy.com) is available for purchase at an offer price in the website http://www.makeyourdoghealthy.com. Look forward to another series by Gary Sanders “Naturally Healthy Dog” in the near future.

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