Volunteering Solutions Offers Volunteer, Intern, Summer Volunteer Abroad Programs Starting at $200

Volunteering Solutions provides affordable Volunteer, Intern, Summer Volunteer Programs across 20 destinations in India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania, China, Ghana, South Africa, Peru, CostaRica, Sri Lanka,Honduras,Ecuador,Spain

Online PR News – 14-September-2012 – New Delhi – Volunteering Solutions started its operations in 2006 and since then made huge impact on people’s life worldwide. Volunteering Solutions main aim was to provide highly affordable program, volunteer’s safety and quality project options to volunteers as well as making contribution towards lives people who need help in underdeveloped countries or with communities in need. Volunteering Solutions provide volunteering work abroad, internship work abroad and summer volunteering work abroad programs world-wide in 5 different continents and in 20 different countries which are mostly into developing stage and need loads of support from other people as their government is not that strong to deal with such situations.

Since 2006 Volunteering Solutions have sent over 5500 volunteers abroad and the number is growing on daily basis. Volunteering Solutions is also a proud member of WYSE Travel Confederation which is a nonprofit entity and their main aim is to promote education in developing nation and providing opportunities to youth to study and travel.

Volunteering Solutions works closely with local organizations which help both volunteers and local communities. Volunteering Solutions volunteers work hands on with local people of the area where they choose to volunteer or intern and get to experience local customs and cultures which is very beneficial for them in their future.

Volunteering Solutions offers Volunteer Abroad, intern abroad and summer programs abroad opportunities -

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Volunteering Solutions programs are open throughout the year and volunteers can choose to join their programs from any Monday of the month which gives the liberty to volunteers to choose any program start date according to their holidays. Volunteering Solutions also offers great opportunities for family, friends and school – college groups to volunteer work abroad together and Volunteering Solutions made special itinerary for such groups as per their requirements and needs. Volunteering Solutions also offer discounts to such groups.

Volunteering Solutions offer a huge variety of programs and volunteers, interns can choose to volunteer in any of the program as per their need and suitability, program options are as follows: -

Volunteer Abroad
• Women Empowerment Program
• Wildlife and Conservation Program
• Teaching Program
• Summer Volunteer Abroad Program
• Sports Coaching Program
• Language and Orientation Week
• Healthcare - Medical Program
• Disabled Care Program
• Community Development Program
• Childcare Program
• 2 Weeks Specials Program

Intern Abroad
• Medical - Healthcare
• Journalism and Media
• Veterinarian Program

The minimum program duration for volunteer programs is 1 week and for internship programs is 2 weeks. The maximum program duration could be 24 weeks and volunteers or interns can also choose to volunteer at more Program location at a go and they would still need to pay one application fees that is why Volunteering Solutions receive many Gap Year students every year as they volunteer – intern with them at more than one location. Volunteers can also choose to join more than one program at 1 program location so our programs are designed as per the requirement of volunteers.

Volunteering Solutions also offers volunteering and travel program options in which volunteers have the option to work on weekdays and travel famous locations or excursions on weekend with other volunteers.

Volunteering Solutions has one of the most responsible staff and volunteers/interns will feel safe around them. Every staff and coordinators of Volunteering Solutions has past experience dealing with volunteers and they understand individual’s choice and preference. Volunteer’s satisfaction and safety is the main concern for Volunteering Solutions staff and coordinators. So volunteers/interns are also welcome to join Volunteering Solutions program and experience one of the most amazing program options worldwide.

About Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions is one of the leading volunteer abroad organization who is providing volunteer abroad, internship abroad opportunities since year 2006. We provide one of the most affordable program options in 20 different countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, South – Latin America and Middle East. Our programs start at just $200 per week. Volunteering Solutions main aim is to provide one of the most affordable and safe program options to our volunteers.

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