Advanced Drug Rehab with Focus on Cure Opens in Los Angeles

An innovative private outpatient drug rehab service with primary focus on achieving a cure for addiction-alcoholism opens new location in Los Angeles, CA

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – Los Angeles/CA – An advanced mental health and drug rehab service with a primary focus on curing drug and alcohol addiction maladies has recently broadened its presence by opening locations in Los Angeles, California. Grey Matters International, with worldwide service locations is now positioned with specialty clinical staff in Los Angeles, California in lieu of the ever broadening drug epidemic among various age groups.

Owned and operated by Dr. Kevin Fleming, Ph.D., the company’s approach takes on a very different tone than the commonly agreed position stating that drug addiction, alcoholism and other corresponding mental health deficiencies are incurable. Being open and not necessarily locked into traditional 12-Step treatment programs which industry reports show to have a very low overall success rate, Dr. Fleming utilizes an innovative technology which, in simple terms, is the metamorphosis to the neurofeedback process.

The lay description is “brain-change,” however, the clinical term is “Neuroplasticity.” The procedure has to do with actually changing the neural pathways and synapses in the limbic system which is largely responsible for the instinctively-based obsessive thought processes common to addicts and alcoholics. Dr. Fleming states, “The brain is wired to feel right, not to be sober necessarily. It is a pattern-making organ that can make you think you are changing and that you are improving, even when silently the same behaviors continue. This is the maddening cycle of addiction and why many say, "I know I shouldn't do this (drink, use drugs, etc.) but I just couldn't help it."

While Grey Matters International does not overtly claim that this outpatient-based drug rehab service is the cure for addiction and/or alcoholism, industry reports state that over 30,000 individuals have received the newest forms of neuroplasticity procedures, many of whom have openly made claims of feeling as if they are cured. With regard to the actual procedure and its rate of success, Dr. Fleming states, “Many have made claims of feeling like they have been practically cured of their malady, based on the rapidness of relief and lasting nature of their shifted consciousness.” Written testimonials are displayed on the company website, most of which do in fact reveal both, first and last name as well as profession.

All Los Angeles locations are now open and services are also provided on-site for those with travel or time limitations. For more information on Dr. Kevin Fleming and Grey Matters International visit their website at To speak with Dr. Fleming directly he may be reached toll-free at (877) 606-6161 and calls are answered 7 days a week. Grey Matters International has offices in New York City and many other locations nationwide, however, will also travel internationally based upon the client’s individual circumstances.