Haikaa Yamamoto has just released her new video on YouTube

The Right Challenge is Haikaa Yamamoto’s new video and it’s mainly an invitation for people to express themselves the way they want. The proposal of this talented brazilian singer and songwriter is that each person post his/her own video in response to the original version.

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – Brasilia (DF) Brazil – Haikaa Yamamoto, a brazilian singer and songwriter, has just launched a new video on Youtube. Its name is “The Right”, whose proposal is within the context of "The Right Challenge", and it aims to encourage the creativity of those who watch the video.

The concept behind her music is to invite people to be the star on the stage of their own lives. This campaign is also an opportunity to exercise self-acceptance, empowerment, creativity, the ability to embrace and to laugh, unashamedly, and much more.

To do it so, it’s just necessary to get inspired and express according to our wish, recording a video and subsequently posting it on the Internet in response to the original version.

“The Right Challenge” also reflects the spirit of our times or Zeitgeist. It’s democratic, it’s free and it’s global.

Haikaa’s video can be viewed on YouTube and the song is available for free on her Facebook page.


Recently, Haikaa has also launched the book "What is Diversity”?”, which is available in paperback and e-book format on Amazon and just as eBook at the Apple Store.

“What is Diversity?” is a graceful account of how someone who did not belong anywhere could find an internal place to call home by expanding her horizons and her notions of what she considered “normal.” In this book, Haikaa shares her experiences of growing up and living in societies with often contradicting concepts of right or wrong.

In her book, Haikaa discusses issues ranging from sexuality to ethics, from beauty to consumption, from health to democracy from the perspective of diversity. She also takes the reader on a musical journey by writing about her humanitarian project “The Work of Art Global Project” where she put into practice her appreciation of diversity.


On her “Work of Art Global Project”, Haikaa joined forces with more than 40 collaborators around the world to do versions of the song “Work of Art” in more than 20 languages. Mainly, this project is a celebration of self-acceptance, tolerance, diversity and global cooperation.

By now Haikaa has already recorded “Work of Art” in more than twenty languages. Her video, however, was released on YouTube yet in 2010.

Born in Brazil in 1974, multicultural, singer-songwriter and author, Haikaa grew up and lived in Japan and in the United States as well. Surrounded by almost contradictory notions of right or wrong, she ended up developing her own set of values and turning to her heart for guidance. This sense of freedom drives her creativity and permeates both her music and her writing. Her album “Work of Art” and her book “What is Diversity?” are both a tribute to the diversity in our world that she so dearly treasures.

Haikaa is currently living in Los Angeles and at the moment she is actually going through a season in Brazil, in São Paulo, at the capital of the state.

*Rita Arruda is a professional journalist currently living in Brasília, Brazil