Build website with cloud computing web service at low cost

Moyea released a list of flash variables for users hosting video on server and cloud computing web service like Amazon S3, to save money by converting video to Flash with Flash Video MX Pro.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – When you build a site with prospective large traffic, it comes as the cost at your server bandwith, storage, and transfer.

Getting the video into a format suitable for online sharing in small file size and high quality will reduce the cost to some extend. Moyea announced Flash Video MX Pro with H.264 as the state-of-art video codec, which includes high compression and keeps video quality.

In terms of server options, cloud storage service like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is a preferred option. It is easy to get Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and the cost is less than $0.2 per GB. When uploading video and player to Amazon S3, there comes to the issue about getting player to point to particular video. Moyea also released a list of Flash variables for website building with Amazon S3.

The Flash variable for pointing a video is videoFile, which is case sensitive. It is as simple as adding "?videoFile=" with the HTTP URL of the FLV file after the equal sign to the Object and Embed tags. If interested, please visit the guide to embed FLV player and single flash video with sample HTML for detailed information.