Christopher Dahm Announces Amazing New Bond Program at Von Dahm Consulting

Christopher Dahm, President of Von Dahm Consulting, is leaving all of his competitors in the dust, through his high yielding bond program.

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 – Pompano Beach, Florida – Christopher Dahm has been using his knowledge of government backed high-yielding bonds to generate strong profits for his clients for over 2 years. His company, Von Dahm Consulting, has been operating for over a year and Christopher Dahm is the primary investment advisor there. The bonds he works with are not typical government-backed bonds, but special bonds that were set up in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Many investors and clients are skeptical of the yields they can receive from government backed bonds, and they usually ignore or avoid them. Asked about why more people aren't taking advantage of these high-yielding bonds Christopher Dahm replied, "A lot of things changed after the financial crisis to encourage people to continue investing and buying bonds of some sort. Not many people realized it though."

When I am advising a client I really try to put myself in their shoes. I am constantly away of keeping their best interests at ahead of my own and Im not afraid of being completely honest with my clients.

Christopher Dahm utilizes a strategy with the mortgage backed bonds that involves only the interest portion of pristine home loans, which are securitized into high-yielding government-backed bonds. With his knowledge of the market and these special bonds, he has been able to generate exceptional results for his clients. In the last year, Christopher Dahm has received multiple awards for his work as a financial consultant. He recognizes that just because there is a slow economic recovery that does not mean that investors cannot make good money with the right plan.

After the recession hit the US economy, those who still had significant wealth left often ignored government-backed bonds, simply because they assumed these bonds were incapable of providing a significant yield. The government and the Federal Reserve, however, made many changes to the certain bonds, even allowing new ones to be issued by banks. Many changes have gone under the radar, but to a talented financial consultant like Christopher Dahm, they did not go unnoticed.

The solid results that Christopher Dahm is creating are not the only reason why clients are pleased with his services. Asked about what other reasons people like to use Von Dahm Consulting, Christopher Dahm stated, "When I am advising a client, I really try to put myself in their shoes. I am constantly away of keeping their best interests at ahead of my own, and I'm not afraid of being completely honest with my clients." Dahm enjoys his work and plans to continue running Von Dahm Consulting for many years to come.

About Christopher Dahm

Christopher Dahm lives and works in Pompano Beach, Florida. He enjoys fitness in his free time. Dahm has supported a variety of children's and community organizations that help improve the lives of youth and the wider community for years.