Why Helmets with TPU Cushioning are a Necessity within Football

From the hard hits to the amazing passes, football players demonstrates strength, endurance and extreme athleticism. Many believe that football as a sport would be incomplete without a ball and field, but the most important aspect to focus on is protection.

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 – Tinley Park, Illinois – Football Helmets and Football Pads are a necessity within this grueling sport, and the Tinley Park SportStation is the equipment provider to have on any team’s side. Parents and coaches wonder; what makes a good helmet? Advances in headgear technology have improved the material used for cushioning impact to the head, and now TPU cushioning is used. TPU is Thermoplastic Urethane which is superior to foam padding. It will not compression set or break down even after thousands of impacts. This new helmet technology incorporates the best performance padding in football today. The SportStation carries helmets with this material to keep their athletes safe and stay up to date with Sporting Equipment today.

The Schutt Ion helmet has a sleek aggressive shell style with the Schutt energy wedge faceguard attachment as well. This brand has features such as heat management, hygienics, resiliency, Air Maxx (TPU) Jaw Pad, and moisture management SUREFIT padding. The way the Ion controls heat within the athletes head gear is by allowing the open-air sides of the TPU cushioning along with the channels weaving in and out through the cushion. This circulates the air within the interior of the helmet instead of insulating the head like old foam helmets.

The SportStation also provides helmets that keep hygiene in mind. Mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria can all be spread through the sharing of helmets. Now parents can rest assured knowing their children are not spreading bacteria thanks to the revolutionary new cushioning. Resiliency is also an aspect well noted by SportStation President Jim Garner.

“When it comes to a good helmet you want to be able to wear it right away and not have to break it in,” Garner states. “Years ago a football player would never dream of having the advanced technology we have today. The TPU cushioning has so many beneficial qualities that I wouldn’t support any other type of padding. Without the foam padding players can now receive their helmet today and wear them right away. They won’t break down like foam either, which makes it hard to believe this sport ever used any other type of padding in the first place. Here at the SportStation we keep up with the fashion trends within sports and also the safety trends. Safety comes first and our athletes can trust that.”

The SportStation offers Football Training Aids such as dummies, shields, and the Jugs football passing machine. The passing machine throws up to one hundred yard spirals and six hundred passes in an hour. This high powered machinery has a five year guarantee and is great to have on any team.

As the leading provider of Team Sporting Equipment and Team Uniforms, The SportStation offers the largest brand selection in the anywhere for Team Sports organizations throughout the USA and Canada. With customers from youth leagues, schools and semi-pro sports, The SportStation is known for their extensive product knowledge and ability to customize most orders. With a talented in house art department and ability to screen print, sublimate and custom embroider Team Uniforms; The SportStation will proudly outfit any team to their exact specifications quickly and efficiently. Whether it is practice or play, coaches, players or umpires, The SportStation is a one stop shop for any sports team.

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