Staying Protected with Proper Football Padding is More Important than Speed

The big debate among football players has always been whether to use football pads or not. Girdles, shoulder, knee, and thigh pads have all been proven to slow a player down, but what has also been proven is major injuries without them.

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 – Tinley Park, Illinois – Equipment companies have reinvented padding to make them lightweight and more aerodynamic, but the talk still goes on about which to choose. The Tinley Park SportStation fully supports the use of football padding and offers advanced Football Equipment to keep athletes safe while still ensuring agility.

Shoulder pads are not just for the stylish broad shoulder look; they absorb shock and lessen pressure on the point of impact. The SportStation carries many inexpensive name brands, but when it comes to shoulder pads Schutt is the trusted brand used most often. The Schutt Air Flex All Purpose Shoulder Pads have a lightweight powerful design, is perfect for any hit, and is a redundancy pad that has arch design and removable deltoid pads.

This product is also the lightest AP shoulder pad on the field and is built for big hitters. This pad offers maximum protection on top of performance. The cutaway arch design allows complete freedom of movement and range of arm motion. Impact comparison tests have been performed on these pads, and with an improved liner there was 66% less energy transferred through the pads. The Brock Air Circulation also evaporates sweat faster keeping the body cool with proper air circulating during play. This Schutt Football Gear has much more amazing features, and SportStation Jim Garner has more to add about staying safe within this dangerous sport.

“Some athletes play without extra padding because they are afraid it will slow them down. The truth is without them players can get thigh contusions and hip pointers” explains Garner. “Delivering a hit can sometimes hurt just as bad as taking one, which is why we strive to protect football players from every bone rattling collision within this full contact sport. Our name brand padding is perfect for running backs or players who receive excessive contact. What many do not realize is that football girdles keep padding in place ensuring optimum protection. Without girdles, thigh, hip, and tailbone protection the pads may shift exposing the body to injury. The main point is to keep athletes protected and enforce them to definitely use padding.”

Along with protection the SportStation is also known for their silkscreened Football Uniforms. Their jersey selection consists of Alleson, Under Armour, and Rawlings and each football shirt comes with different stitching designs and characteristics. They also provide matching football pants to coordinate with any style shirt. Whether a football player is in need of comfortably protective gear or in style uniforms both can be found at the SportStation.

As the leading provider of Team Sporting Equipment and Team Uniforms, The SportStation offers the largest brand selection in the anywhere for Team Sports organizations throughout the USA and Canada. With customers from youth leagues, schools and semi-pro sports, The SportStation is known for their extensive product knowledge and ability to customize most orders. With a talented in house art department and ability to screen print, sublimate and custom embroider Team Uniforms; The SportStation will proudly outfit any team to their exact specifications quickly and efficiently. Whether it is practice or play, coaches, players or umpires, The SportStation is a one stop shop for any sports team.

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