Robot-Hosting Seeks Listed Public Company After Signing USD 30 Million Equity Line Funding Agreeme

ROBOT-HOSTING’s business plan is to create a Physician Assistant Robot to help doctors, nurses and patients worldwide. This Android will be available on the web free of charge.

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – Singapore, Singapore – Robot-Hosting Limited announced today that it has signed a Special Private Placement Agreement (SPPA) for USD$ 30,000,000 of equity line funding with Equity Partners Fund SPC (EPF) and is now seeking to acquire/merge/jv with a listed public company.

The funding agreement is designed to aid ROBOT-HOSTING’s objective of completing the prototype Assistant Physician, then produce the final version. The company believes this is a humanitarian project that helps Physicians and Patients alike. The terms of the SPPA allow ROBOT-HOSTING to draw down funding over a three-year period once the company is listed. The SPPA provides that funding is subject to volume limitations and the price at which shares may be subscribed by EPF is 90% of the lowest daily volume weighted average price during the fifteen consecutive trading days selected by ROBOT-HOSTING and set forth in a draw down notice sent to EPF. ROBOT-HOSTING is able to specify a minimum acceptable price for each draw down period to prevent significant dilution in the market below what the company feels is an acceptable price.

ROBOT-HOSTING’s Academic Advisor, Dr. Alexander Kavokin, said, "This funding agreement with EPF is an integral part of our plan to fund humanitarian a philanthropic projects over the next three years. It allows us to promote this concept that, investment in constructive projects that helps humanity will also is a profitable business model that makes end users and investors feel satisfied.

I would also like to mention in particular that we appreciate very much the help provided by Alvin Donovan, Managing Director of EPF, who will be helping us to identify acquisition candidates, which is an important part of our growth model. We have known Alvin Donovan for over 5 years now and he is a very trusted and respected partner for Robot-Hosting. We are now working with EPF and Alvin Donovan for the purpose of finding a listed public company to JV/merge with/acquire.”

ROBOT-HOSTING is a software development company producing computational intelligence software for brain of Robots.

ROBOT-HOSTING seeks to JV/Merge with/acquire a listed public company.

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