New Author M. R. Weston Debut Novel - Shadowscape The Stevie Vegas Chronicles - 1st October 2012

New Author M. R. Weston Debut Novel - Shadowscape The Stevie Vegas Chronicles, delivers a real page turner. Young Adults & Teen Fiction. ISBN: 978-1-909049-10-9

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – Huddersfield, England – ABOUT THE BOOK

Stevie skated up to him, his face barely centimetres away from Barron’s. “I don’t lie down that easily… more trick and the winner is decided.”

Stevie Vegas is an average school kid practicing his skateboard moves and sticking up for his younger brother against the school bullies; but in one long moment he’s catapulted into the world of Shadowcasters and forced to save himself and his family with the power of his mind…..and his skateboarding skills.

Stevie's no ordinary boy though. He’s an Illuminator who has the gift of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). Illuminators bring light where there is darkness. Shadowcasters, on the other hand, spread only darkness and evil.

Stevie needs to call on all his talents when he encounters the Barron family - who are definitely not what they seem.

Throughout all of his adventures, not once but many times, Stevie is thankful for his ability with a skateboard, including his perfect Kickflip…..and of course his ability to read minds!

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Paperback: 104 pages
Publisher: Creative Print Publishing Ltd (October 01, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1909049109


M.R. Weston (Maryann Weston) was born in country NSW, Australia and grew up on a farm surrounded by family, pets, wide open spaces...and adventure.

She wrote her first book – a story about kids living on a farm who had all sorts of adventures – for her primary school classmates at nine years of age. It was illustrated by her best friend.

A love of writing led this first time author into careers in journalism, government communications and, more recently, advocacy.

M.R. Weston’s ambition in life has always been to “tell the story that matters”. She is passionate about preventing bullying at all levels, and uses her writing whenever she can, to campaign for change.

She is married with three sons and lives in country NSW in a home she describes as, “busy, with lots of teenagers coming and going and needing lots of food!”

She currently works in public relations and journalism and continues to write for young adult readers in any spare time she has available.

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