Compliance Trends: New CCI and User-Note Features Make’s Fast Coder Even Faster
09/13/2012 has introduced two new features for Fast Coder, its popular medical coding compliance tool.

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – Durham/NC – has introduced two new features for Fast Coder, its popular medical coding compliance tool. The new features emphasize the online coding platform’s focus on customization: personalized code-entry options for CCI Edits Checker and user-note content on both code and code-range pages. The newly introduced features have been designed to allow users to save time and work efficiently and effectively, keeping in line with’s commitment to providing quality education and resources to medical coders.

Enhanced CCI Edits Checker

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re a cut-and-paste or data-entry CCI enterer; SuperCoder’s CCI Edits Checker keeps all coder styles happy!” declares Jen Godreau, director of

“Fast Coder stands out from competition offering coders the flexibility of entering codes either by a keystroke-saving individual-code entry method or by a method that uses comma-separated codes in a single box. As a result,, one of the fastest growing online coding services, again showcases its customizability. From search to layout settings, lets the vast array of healthcare users customize how they interact with the site,” adds Jen, emphasizing the convenience with which coders can get relevant coding information from Fast Coder.

Multi-Access User Notes

Fast Coder user-note options are also generating excitement. SuperCoder is the only online coding service to offer user notes on code-range pages for a big picture view. Competitor platforms typically restrict personal notes to code-detail pages, but SuperCoder lets coders see the same editable notes on both code-detail and code-range pages.

“At a single glance, you can see all your notes on a range of codes. And groups can share these notes across staff or department,” explains Jen.

Multi-access group notes is only one of the advantages of SuperCoder’s online platform, Jen adds. Not only is editing notes online clean, fast, and simple, but Fast Coder users also save time because once a note is entered, it’s available for reference year after year.

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