Composer with six hundred songs gets signed on with Ambient Music Garden, UK

Music composer & musician from Florida, USA signs his production music at Ambient Music Garden, UK

Online PR News – 13-September-2012 – Okeechobee, Florida – Alexander Jenkins; Prolific Musician
Posted: September 2012 in Artist Profiles,Music News
Alex Jenkins is one of our most prolific artists. He has his music presented here for licensing and also, quite uniquely to us, for outright sale.
Alex’s music ranges across many electronic based styles with an underlying darkness in their feel.
I caught up with Alex recently to ask him a few questions about his music.
Guy: Alex, you have a range of instruments you play to compose and produce your music. What instrument did you start with and how did you evolve?
Alex: I started in a private Catholic school where studying classical music was part of our schooling, and music theory. I used to also study piano with my dad at home, where he taught me some of the most gloomy depressing piano, as he suffered depression, and he used the piano to express his inner self. I learned from my Dad, I guess. And it was beautiful.
Then I took up percussion and drums in my junior high school years playing in our school band, and at home I practiced the electric bass and guitar, and maintaining further studies on the piano at the same time. I continued this throughout until I left my senior years at school. After I left high school, I started exploring synthesizer keyboards, and that is where I really found my self creating music on the dark side.
Guy: How do you begin composing a song, do you have a tried and tested methodology you use every time?
Alex: There is no real way of me starting to compose a song. I suffer much depressing, and personal losses that I start drifting into a void on the keyboard synthesizers. Sometimes all it takes is a couple of notes to get me going, and things of the past with my my late Ma and Dad…. sometimes the music I create is better than any medication. I am not evil like some people may think by hearing my music, because the music is me, and what I feel. I am a Christian.
Guy: What sort of uses would you expect media professionals and business people to use your music for in the future?
Alex: Perhaps in horror films, and what ever seams to be the need, but no happy type of films. I am not a happy type of person, my music is not happy, so I do not want to see it in happy settings, if I can help it.
Guy: What is your view on making music from now on and into the future, do you have any plans ?
Alex: Really who knows. I do want to create, and am working on darker material, and much further exploration in the psybient music world.
I have done some studio material with jazz improvisations in Fort Myers, Florida called the Omega Jam Sessions, and this is the only music I have done that is a little more on the up side. It kind of felt good, but in some way it is not really me.
In my eyes the real musicians are Black Sabbath, which I listen to their early material much, and Shulman, and some doom metal, and psybient music.
Guy: Thank you Alex

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