Genius Shack Toys is Now Offering A Large Collection of Elenco Snap Circuits in Canada

Genius Shack Toys has started offering a large selection of Elenco Snap Circuits in Canada.

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 – Mississauga – Genius Shack Toys has a large variety of Elenco toys which are very helpful in generating the interest of children in subjects such as science and engineering studies. Genius Shack Toys has one of the top rated and best selling product range of Elenco such as award winner and best reviewed Snap Circuit, Electronic playground and many others. Elenco toys are made by engineers using Computer Aided Design (CAD) which is used to help in the formation, alteration, study, or optimization of a design.

These types of toys are becoming very popular, so Genius Shack Toys has come up with such large selection of Elenco toys that offer a unique range of electronic toys. Elenco toys are classified as educational toys as they help teach different skills. Owner of Genius Shack Toys says, “Electronic Toys of Elenco are very well designed and are highly accepted by the consumers.” This shows the growing demand of Elenco toys, and Genius Shack Toys is trying to fulfill the demand by including the toys of Elenco in their stock. Genius Shack Toys has stocked the most popular and best seller Elenco Toy in their online toy store.

Elenco Electronics, Inc. is one of the leading players in the manufacturing of educational electronic toys. Strong engineering and designing skills have made Elenco Electronics, Inc. a successful player in the electronic toy industry. They are considered to be a niche player in the electronics industry.

About the Company:

We are a Canadian toy store offering learning toys for children of all ages. Each toy is carefully hand-picked contributing to our unique selection of premium quality toys. Genius Shack toys are sure to make children happy as they are fun, and make parents happy as they are educational and competitively priced. We were inspired by Plato, the Greek philosopher, who said: “The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”

Our mission is to offer the best selection of toys that enhance young lives. Whether you’re shopping for a baby, toddler or an older child, whether the child’s interest is in arts and crafts, science, building toys … you came to the right place. Here you will find entertaining toys that develop skills, challenge minds, and encourage creativity and imagination.