Cutting Edge Moulding Technology at Keonwoo Precision Co. Ltd.

Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd established in 1990, is one of the leading high precision plastic mould and injection mould manufacturer in Korea.

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 – korea – Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd is a leading Plastic Injection Mould manufacturer. They believe that the Die and Mould industry has performed a central role in the development of modern industrial society. Ever since the establishment of their company in 1990, they have ceaselessly conducted research and development in order to explore new areas in the Die and Mould industry. They have invested a lot of time, resources and efforts into renovating the metal mould technology. The team at Keonwoo Precision Co. Ltd. is striving to build moulds that satisfy their customers’ needs with the help of cutting edge technology and perfect teamwork, which in turn helps their customers to improve their competence.
Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd assures the best quality service to their customers, satisfying their needs and grasping the changing market trend promptly. These esteemed customers themselves are leaders in their fields. Fujitsu, Epson, Nissan, Panasonic, Toshiba are some of the valued customers of Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd. Their efforts in revamping the Die and Mould industry have been greatly appreciated by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and other governmental bodies and associations. Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd has been frequently nominated for various awards as a mould manufacturer.
Located in Kumchon-Ku, Seoul, Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing and designing of different plastic injection die and moulds such as home appliances mould, telecommunication parts mould, auto parts mould, industrial appliances mould, computer parts mould, battery and container mould and daily use products mould. Their main mould products includes handset case and accessories, case for notebook computer and accessories, case for telephone and facsimile and accessories, case for audio and video recorder and accessories, accessories for automobile, LCD monitor case and lighting panel, industrial appliance case and accessories and more. Using advanced technology and perfect teamwork, Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd delivers their products on time every time. The customers of Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd are assured of long mould life, reasonable price, short lead time, on time delivery and satisfactory service.
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