Fingerprint Locks Smash The Price Of It’s Flagship Biometric Lock

FingerPrint Locks is an Australian company that provides the best biometric locks.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – FingerPrint Locks ( provides the best biometric locks in Australia.

Fingerprint biometric technology has long left the realms of fantasy and has stepped into the real world. It has become a part of everyday life.

Its spokesperson has this to say, “It is a known fact that in times of recession the national crime rate goes up. Help prevent yourself from being a victim and make your home more secure with a biometric fingerprint door lock.”

Biometric technology measures and analyzes fingerprints, eye retinas and irises, voice patterns, facial patterns, and hand measurements for the purpose of authentication.

FingerPrint Locks have specialized in biometric recognition door locks. These locks allow access through fingerprint scanning without the need to use a key.

Understanding the need of making secure locks more accessible to its customers, it has heavily reduced the prices of many of its locks. On certain locks, such as the BioAxxis ThumbLock, it has slashed the prices as much as by 30% to 35%.

Some of its door locks using biometric technology are: Keylock Slide, Keylock Pro, Keylock Style, BD-1 XL Deadbolt, Keylock Lion, and BioAxxis ThumbLock.

The Keylock Slide is a single latch tubular lock, and the Keylock Pro is a mortise lock with a dead bolt. These easy to install locks can accommodate up to 150 fingerprints and 78 pin number users.

Keylock Style is perfect for use in homes as well as in businesses. The BioAxxis ThumbLock is its top of the line lock and is great for businesses.

“ThumbLock makes it easy to put your security on the right path,” says its spokesperson, further adding that, “You will be amazed at all it can do: from reporting of when and which employee entered, to centralized management of users, to restricting access based on time of day.”

The BD-1 XL Deadbolt comes with ANSI Grade 3 deadbolt security. One of its many main features is the emergency key override. The Keylock Lion, in addition to biometric fingerprint access, offers entry through a keypad and a Bump Proof Key override.

The advantage of biometric locks is that there is no more fear of losing keys and access being denied, or keys being stolen and unauthorized access being made. People have access through their doors with the touch of their finger tips.

“Our biometric security keyless door lock system allows for complete keyless entry using only biometric authentication,” says the spokesperson.

In the last, the spokesperson for FingerPrint Locks had this to say, “Fingerprint recognition is becoming widely adopted by large institutions and individuals who are now benefiting from the security and convenience our products offer.”

FingerPrint Locks offers biometric door locks for residential purposes, commercial purposes, for contractors, as well as for resellers and locksmiths.

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