Apple iPhone OS 4.0 to have real multitasking

The highly awaited 4G Apple iPhone will be coming in with real multitasking which will be part of the Apple iPhone OS 4.0. The new version of the Apple iPhone which is to be launched this year 2010 will have many such new features which the market is waiting in anticipation for.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – The new version of the Apple iPhone has been kept a secret by the company except the tentative release date. No information and facts about the features have been given out nor have any rumors been squashed or confirmed. The company is known for allowing the first party application to work in the background unlike third party applications. This strategy to keep everything as simple as possible which reduces the effective capabilities and overshadows them has been a bone of contention debated on by many critics of this strategy.. However this has worked to Apple iPhone's advantage.

Apple iPhone ( has time and again mentioned their emphasis on maintaining their products user friendly with the focus being on simple and straight forward designs which still manage to look elegant and beautiful in their own ways. The new Apple iPhone version is expected to have a more stronger processor and will be 4G enabled. Most of the information running around in the market are plain rumors and have so far not been confirmed by the company.

The only really assured facts are that the mobile phone will be 4G enabled and will have a much more visually appealing operating system and the user will have much more control over the multitasking function of the mobile phone. Thus a majority of the market will be surprised when the mobile phone actually comes out into the market ready to be bought by anxious and impatient customers.