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03/17/2010, a new online directory of Travel Professionals, gives people a place to find a travel agent who specializes in where they want to go or what they want to do.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – Wendel, PA ( Onlineprnews ) March 17, 2010 - Travel, which is a trillion dollar industry, is as widely discussed as it is misunderstood among consumers. What if someone told you there really is a better way to book your travel? Well there just might be…

Almost everyone has heard of travel agents, you may have even used an agent once or twice. However, many of the do it yourselfers out there think that booking their vacation on-line themselves is the best way to go. The problem is, most people have no idea what they are actually missing out on and don’t realize what they could get for the same price as booking their trip themselves. wants to bring consumers and Travel Professionals together in a new way, by showing the consumer, the value that Travel Professionals have. These are not your typical agents sitting behind the desk at your local auto club or chain agency. These agents are specialized, certified, and experienced in the type of travel you are looking for. Many of these agents belong to exclusive consortiums which give them tremendous buying power. This translates into getting you great prices and sometimes, features you could not get anyplace else! Getting a great price and travel experience is not just about using a Travel agent - it is about finding the right Travel Professional! is the place to find the right travel professional for you.

How Brings Consumers and Travel Professionals Together is free for consumers to use. There is no requirement to do anything more than type in your desired destination or type of travel (called “Themes”) that you are looking for. This will deliver a list of travel professionals for your desired area. However, consumers can register on the site in order to rate their experience with a Travel Professional, all it takes is a verified email account. And, you can expect to see more opportunities for consumer interaction on the site in the future. And for the Travel Professionals, there is an annual subscription fee that they have to pay in order to be listed with – this helps to lend credibility to the site because not everyone just joins it for free.

There is an overwhelming amount of destination information on the internet, and without a great deal of time or specialized knowledge, it can be very hard to determine what information is accurate and relevant to your travel plans. Travel Professionals answer these questions with ease and narrows that information with their expert knowledge in specific destinations and/or particular types of travel.

About was designed by Celeste Koutavas who is a 20 year Travel Professional herself. She felt with all the dramatic changes in the industry, it was time for Travel Professionals to have a collective presence where it would be easy for a consumer to find them. She also felt that it was equally important to differentiate “an agent selling a trip from a general brochure” from a professional recreating an experience they may have already had. launched to the travel industry in December 2009 and has already attracted some great talent in its Travel Professionals and company staff. is proud to announce that Chase Bryan, the former Director of Business Development for Tripology, joined as new partner this month. Mr. Bryan brings great experience and enthusiasm to the team and he will be responsible for developing relationships with national accounts and consortia under his new title - VP of Sales and Strategic Partnerships.

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