Lead Developer Nick Unsworth of Review Engine ROI Sets Release For End Of Month

San Rafael, CA., August 30, 2012 - Who hasn't had the idea of boosting their internet presence using social media and online marketing?It sincerely does not matter if your an online business or offline because solo business owners all over the globe are turning to social hubs like Facebook to expand their business

Online PR News – 12-September-2012 – Binghamton – A new Facebook viral marketing application created by Nick Unworth and the Smash It Social team have decided to release their newest application "Review Engine ROI" to the public this month.The crew has been creating such apps using the Facebook environment for nearly a decade and their new product will stay along the same path."Our newest product leverages the power of word of mouth marketing as a means of promoting your online or offline business", discusses Nick the creator, "It will allow your customers to start the talk about you instead of you having to work to get them to talk about you".Most people believe that starting a social media campaign to increase online presence and over business can be a lengthy or expensive task The installation process and beginners training have been created to allow for marketers and business owners of all "sizes" to get startedNick also suggest that "people trust other people and especially their own friends, but studies show they do not trust advertisements". Unsworth went on saying "The new app that we have create for Facebook will allow you to put the power of this factor in your favor".It really is no exception if you are online or offline. As a business owner it is crucial to understand how big a role social media marketing can play a role on your success. The new app will allow for the level of social marketing development and overall involvement it takes to create a campaign with less overall effort.For additional information feel free to reach Adrian Arnold by phone, or inbox at (AdrianArnold1210 [at] hotmail [dot] com). Information on Review Engine ROI Review : Our goal is to provide helpful tips, techniques, and reviews to various individuals who seek consult as a means of boosting their business presence using a number a marketing strategies including social media marketing