Metro LED Lighting Fixture Efficiency Increases - Achieving up to 110 Lumens/ Watt

This product line of outdoor fixtures has been upgraded and are now more efficient with this update. The updated LED outdoor lighting products include the LED Cobra Head, the LED Area Lights, the LED Canopy lights, & LED Wall Packs, with efficiencies up to 110 lumens/ watt.

Online PR News – 11-September-2012 – Glens Falls, NY – The outdoor lighting fixtures from Metro LED Lighting are now more energy efficient, and are Design Lights Consortium/ DLC listed for rebates from many electric utilities, and other grant making organizations. These lighting fixtures now achieve lumen/ watt efficiencies that are ahead of many best-in-class HID or HPS traditional lamp sources. These changes result in better paybacks, and ROI while improving the quality of outdoor lighting.

Efficiency Gains and More Options in the Metro LED Lighting Fixture Product Line

The LED Area Street Light product line, from Metro, has been substantially expanded with the additional of numerous wattage/ lumen options. The LED Area Street Light is now available in seventeen configurations, ranging from 30 watts to 240 watts, instead of the previous six fixtures. These outdoor SSL luminaires produce between 3,000 lumens up to 26,400 lumens, providing a very wide and comprehensive set of choices for the majority of outdoor area lighting needs. The lens patterns of these LED fixtures have been updated, and now include DOT distribution patterns of Type II, IIM, IV and V

LED Area - Street Lighting Product Updates - Now in 17 Configurations

The Metro LED Canopy Lights have been updated with increased light output, and changes to the wattage of the individual outdoor fixtures. These canopy lighting products are now available in configuration that range from 80 watts to 120 watts. The canopy fixtures light output is now from 8,000 lumens to 13,200 lumens, at CCTs of 4,000K and 5,000K, and achieving up to 110 lumens/ watt efficiencies. With the increase in efficiency and higher light output, these fixtures are ideal for applications in Gas Station, Bank Drive Throughs, or other medium height outdoor canopy lighting uses.

LED Wall Pack Updates - Available in configurations of 20 watts to 60 watts

The Metro LED Wall Packs now available in configurations of 20 watts to 60 watts, increasing the range of wattages adding design flexibility. The wall packs produce between 1,860 lumens to 6,000 lumens, achieving efficiencies of between 93 lumens/ watt at 4,000K CCT, and 100 lumens/ watt at 5,000K CCT. Three Type IIS light patterns are available, giving more options in the design of the LED lighting patterns, and provides more flexibility in creating the outdoor lighting layout.

LED Cobra Head Street Light Fixture Changes - Expanded to 22 Configurations
This line of LED Cobra Head Street Light Luminaires has been expanded from 4 models to 22 models. The former range of these fixtures was 50 watts to 120 watts; the improved SSL fixtures are now available in product configurations between 30 watts and 240 watts. The range of light output has been greatly expand the outdoor lighting fixtures are now available from 3,000 lumens to 26,400 lumens. These LED fixtures are available in DOT distribution types of II, III, and V. These fixtures are highly competitive now with traditional MH, and HPS fixtures, and achieve efficiencies of between 100 lumens/ watt at 4,000K CCT, and 110 lumens/ watt at 5,000K CCT. This expanded range of LED Cobra Head lighting increases the deployment flexibility to a very wide range of pole heights and spacing configuration for street, roadways or parking lot lighting.

About Metro LED Lighting

Metro LED Lighting are experts in LED core technologies, outdoor lighting engineering and design, life-cycle economic analysis, and how to build outdoor lighting systems that perform well in commercial or institutional settings. Metro is constantly investigating and analyzing LED fixtures that meet commercial, municipal, and institutional requirements for reliable, high performance and that are at the lowest cost of ownership for outdoor lighting.

Metro LED Lighting builds product partnerships with innovative and inventive solid-state lighting companies that bring superior product benefits to our Clients and address the needs of property owners for better and more efficient lighting.

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