, A Site Showcasing Food Tours In Miami Announced Today The Launch of Their Urban Food Critic Blog

Miami's food scene intelligent coverage range from small eateries to five star restaurant at The Urban Food Critic Blog

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – Miami, FL March 18, 2010 - Miami Culinary Tour's announced the launch of their innovative food blog offering more than jut a start rating review. Food bloggers embark in a Miami food tour adventure to discover trend-setting, creative, talented chefs and cooks across the city to review their most delicious creations.

As Miami proves that culinary genius can be found all across the magic city, from small neighborhood eateries to 5 star hotels, the Urban Food Critic blog located at is a talented group of passionate urban food bloggers documenting every enchanting bite they take in town.

Adventurous and unexpectedly delicious combinations is what the Urban Food Critics are continuously seeking. Comprehensive reviews are written to report the details of an specific dish and not to described in five words or judge a restaurant experience as a whole as so many other sites are currently doing. Included on each comprehensive dish review are photos of the specific food savored, and a short video to showcase the place ambiance.

"We believe in sustainable practices and make every effort to visit local eateries and restaurants that support and value our local community, celebrating the diversity of our neighborhoods and their traditional food customs." says Anabella Toris, a foodie blogger that recently joined the team.

The Urban Food Critic serves as a gateway to the Miami food restaurant scene, as well as a destination for those in search of comprehensive reviews where readers can see the dish in details, watch a video of the place, make comment and ask questions. With all of the latest technologies, The Urban Food Critic Blog makes it easier for followers to comment using their existing Facebook, Twitter and Google Gmail accounts.

The Blog was founded with the basic idea of narrating the food each blogger eats in and around Miami including neighborhoods such as South Beach, Coral Gables, Little Havana, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, North Miami and Little Haiti. We visit farmers' markets, local eateries, farms, delis, restaurants, coffee houses, ice cream shops and much more. We tell you our food adventures, from recipes made with local produce to our childhood meals.

The bloggers at The Urban Food Critic Blog are committed to support restaurants serving locally produced meat and produce. As we grow in numbers and are more recognized for the work that we do, we will increase our support of non profit organizations that make a difference for the environment where growing and buying local produce is what they stand for.

Miami Culinary Tours ( introduces a new idea to the streets of the magic city by showcasing food tours in Miami from posh neighborhoods to the beloved Little Havana. Its mission statement is to bring authentic preparations of traditional and Latin Fusion cuisine with an American culinary inspiration to locals and visitors alike. The Miami foodie tours tell the story behind the food and introduce you to the people who make them.

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