The Travel Analyst Creates Online Community for Giving Travel Advice

Company dispenses travel advice to the masses

Online PR News – 11-September-2012 – Richmond, Virginia – There are so many online resources available to travellers these days it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. Most head straight to the most popular site (such as Expedia), or the resource that ranks highest on a Google search (such as . . . Expedia). The Travel Analyst, a company that advises individuals on how to make travel as inexpensive and stress free as possible, has just launched an online Facebook community that helps travellers access the best (if not most well-known) travel resources. Within the past week alone, The Travel Analyst has featured products such as Seat Guru (an app that helps travellers choose the best airline seat) to Milewise (a website that reveals the amount of frequent flyer miles that are needed to acquire a free plane ticket).

“The aim of creating an online community is to highlight products and services that are invaluable for making travel economical and stress free,” says The Travel Analyst founder, Erica Duncan. “There are a quite a few great products in the market that not a lot of people know about. We connect people with these products.”

In addition to highlighting useful travel resources, The Travel Analyst has also begun dispensing advice to its followers on ways to maximize frequent flyer miles and the benefits that come from them. While flying and credit cards are the quickest, most popular ways to acquire miles, The Travel Analyst advises that there are other ways to earn them such as by taking surveys.

“Travel should be accessible to everyone,” states Erica, “By spending a few minutes each day on our page, people who think it’s too hard can make their travel dreams a reality.”

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