Dealer License Group Helping Build Dealership Businesses

Dealer License Group is proud to unveil its licensing services for individuals or big-time dealers that wish to legalize their operation and maximize profits from this business scheme.

Online PR News – 11-September-2012 – Bloomfield – Dealer License Group first started out in 2007, wherein it beared the name Dealer Auction Access. However, the name was changed to the current one just this year of 2012. But the ideals and objectives of the team has remained the same – to streamline the processing of car dealers license and helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs build their own business. With a dealers license, legitimate retail and wholesale dealers can participate in nationwide auctions, sell wholesale vehicles, and maximize every opportunity available to them in the industry.

The wholesale dealer license provided for by Dealer License Group is authorized by the Indiana Secretary of State. Hence, anyone who holds a car dealer license courtesy of the DLG is qualified to join dealer auctions across America. This is just one of many ways wherein DLG is able to foster the dealership industry by allowing small-time auto dealers take their business to the next level.

There are currently about 600 dealers with which the Dealer License Group is catering to over 4 different facilities. However, the team is still looking for more dealers to be part of the group. In fact, the team is the largest host of licenses within the state of Indiana, wherein its next top competitor is three times less in terms of size and reach. There are, in fact, different programs available for those who wish to pursue retail or wholesale dealerships. Getting started on any of these programs is very easy as you will be filling up a form and allow the team at DLG to handle the rest of the paperwork.

Aside from helping aspiring auto dealers in Indiana obtain their license, DLG also helps in establishing a physical office for these dealers. Thus, it is easy and smooth in terms of setting up business for its operation so these small-time dealers can build their identity in as little as possible. The company will also facilitate in the processing of all state requirements, which is normally a tedious and complex process, so that nothing can hinder from the growth of the business.

This licensing company is also recognized by the Better Business Bureau, which gives individuals and businesses reassurance about the legitimacy of all licenses provided here. With the advent of illegal licensing programs offering retail and wholesale dealer license, it is but normal to feel wary about such licensing groups. And this is where DLG excels because it has received positive feedbacks from dealers in and outside of Indiana.

Dealer Licensing Group has maintained its status as the frontrunner in Indiana's dealer licensing industry, as well as on the web. Their innovative range of services are designed to fit the aspiring dealer's needs and are continually revamping their services to cater to their clients' changing needs as well. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, it is clear to see why many dealers trust them and it's in their commitment to help every business succeed.