Wide Range Of Light Bulbs Now On Offer At Gladiator Lighting

Customers looking for low cost ways to illuminate their homes now have all the options they need, thanks to an online lighting company called Gladiator Lighting.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – Carson City, NV, USA - March'2010 - Customers who are looking for ways to reduce the money they spend on their lighting requirements now have a range of special offers to consider at Gladiator Lighting.

The company is well known for offering all kinds of light bulbs to online consumers, including halogen light bulbs, compact fluorescents and LED lighting as well. With regular offers on a wide range of bulbs people visiting their website at GladiatorLighting.com will save even more money.

“Light bulbs can be expensive if you don’t go to the right place,” says John Jackiewicz, a spokesman for Gladiator Lighting. “But we have made sure we always have a good range of discounts on offer, so everyone can take advantage of lower prices.”

Some items are available at a third off their usual price. One recent offer saw a double ended halogen light bulb reduced from $1.49 to just 99 cents. A pain relief and skin care treatment LED unit was also on sale at $50 less than the usual price.

“We focus on offering a wide range of special offers to all our customers, all the time,” adds John Jackiewicz. “We constantly review our prices to ensure we offer great value for money, but we also believe in providing certain items at sale prices so the customer can benefit in more ways than one.”

Gladiator Lighting has a comprehensive selection of lighting products available on their website, and they also make sure that many of these are included in their regular sales. From miniature fluorescent lamps to incandescent light bulbs, they offer top quality products to the consumer at low prices.

“We can never guarantee what there will be in the discount section of the website,” adds John. “But we would say that anyone visiting the site at any time is better off visiting the special offers section of the site first, to see what is available. It is easily accessible via the website’s menu, which runs across the top of the screen. So you are only ever one click away from finding the best deals we have available.”

Gladiator Lighting’s website also offers live support if customers run into problems or have any queries about their order. This means they can ask the questions they need the answers to before they order, so they can be confident in ordering the right thing.

Gladiator Lighting is located in Carson City, Nevada. They sell a wide range of light bulbs for every situation in the home, including HID bulbs, miniature light bulbs and even pet lamps. They have a dedicated area of their site which makes it easy to find the lowest cost deals and discounted items each month. Their website is located at http://www.gladiatorlighting.com Customers can find their complete range of products on the site.

To find more information about Gladiator Lighting and the huge range of light bulbs, tubes and other items they sell, contact John Jackiewicz on (800) 581-8705. Alternatively visit their website at http://www.gladiatorlighting.com

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