A new debt recovery and enforcement IT platform is set to shake up the industry

The industry’s first complete debtor centric IT solution is
launched by AR-12 Limited and supplied to JBW

Online PR News – 11-September-2012 – London, England – Current software available to both Local Authorities, private debt recovery and bailiff companies is woefully limited, out of date and was developed many years ago. Based on a linear process, this technology is no longer suitable for debt recovery and enforcement needs. For this reason, Jamie Waller, AR12's CEO has spent the past two years developing AR-12, the most advanced debt recovery solution available in the world.

AR-12 is a comprehensive debt management and enforcement system, designed to manage an entire business efficiently and intelligently. AR-12 boasts an open standards-based architecture that offers unparalleled scalability and flexibility.

Uniquely for the industry, it provides complete transparency across all business processes and enables managers to focus their energy upon strategic decisions rather than worry about day-to-day operational issues. Hosted within the cloud, AR-12 is accessed via browser and provides a fast and completely secure enterprise IT system that automates the majority of business processes and allows a company unprecedented control over its day to day operations.

Key features of this software:

• Open-Source Enterprise IT Architecture - Built upon a state of the art technology stack to provide security, flexibility and scalability. Seamlessly integrates with third party data providers such as the DVLA and Companies House to provide real time case scoring.
• Debtor-centric data structure - By focusing on people AR-12 ensures that debts are collected efficiently and with minimal need for bailiff enforcement, allowing an end to end recovery process of voluntary, supported and enforced compliance.
• Flexible workflow modelling – AR-12 provides an intuitive graphic interface to enable users to build custom workflows for everything from simple tasks to highly complex visit processes. The business processes created by the workflow modeller provide the framework for the smart decision making system.
• Intelligent scoring–Complex algorithms balance case/debtor history, socio-economic status, location, property and vehicle data with the aim of rating the likelihood of collecting and calculating the optimal collection process that is required e.g. a letter, SMS or bailiff visit.
• Automatic allocation – by combining the real-time GPS locations of bailiffs in the field and the scoring data, AR-12 allocates cases to bailiffs in real time, amending bailiffs’ schedules on-the-fly as new and urgent cases require

About JBW:
JBW is the UK's fastest growing bailiff enforcement and debt recovery company for the public and private sectors. Driven by the highest regards for professionalism and integrity and empowered by industry-leading smart technology we are an award winning business offering a wealth of services.