Symphony Orchestra Program Receives $50,000 Grant

New York, NY – The Symphony Orchestra Music Program run by the Boys & Girls Club of Watts/Willowbrook will be able to offer music instruction to youth of the community thanks to a $50,000 grant.

Online PR News – 17-March-2010 – – Through the generous grant from Alex von Furstenberg and the Diller – von Furstenberg Family Foundation, the Boys & Girls Club will be opening a music instruction program.

New York, NY – The Symphony Orchestra Music Program run by the Boys & Girls Club of Watts/Willowbrook will be able to offer music instruction to youth of the community thanks to a $50,000 grant. In December, the Club found that they would be receiving $50,000 from the foundation run by the Diller-von Furstenberg family. The money will also be used for other Club activities geared towards area youth.

Von Furstenberg Visits the Club

The acting Director and Secretary of the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation, Alex von Furstenberg,spent some time at the Boys & Girls Club last fall. His goal was to find out more concerning the group and the programs that were offered to youth.

After seeing the various successes the Club has achieved, Alex von Furstenberg felt that continued financial support of the organization was important, particularly with the current down-turned economy. Von Furstenberg felt that Club’s goal of reaching underprivileged youth in the community was not something that could wait for better economic times.

Foundation Seeks to Better the World

One of the main goals of the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation is to have a positive impact on people around the world. The Foundation is a private institute founded in 1999, and it has donated over $30 million to various humanitarian groups around the globe.

The main focus of the Foundation is to aid groups that are

working to improve their community and offer new opportunities, as the Diller-von Furstenberg Family believes that people thrive when their community thrives. The Foundation has assisted numerous groups like the Boys & Girls Club with community outreach programs.

Boys & Girls Club to Provide Music Instruction

Les Jones, the Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club, plans to use the financial donation to bring music to the youth living in the community. One of the goals of the Club is to help provide cultural programs for the youth, one of the things greatly lacking in the community. The Club also strives to meet other emotional and physical needs of the children. The hope is that by providing them with support at a young age, the Club can assist them with growing into mature, responsible, and caring adults that will better the community around them.

One of the programs that will be assisted by von Furstenberg’s donation is the Symphony Orchestra music program. This program,headed by instructors trained by the Venezuelan music outreach program El Sistema, will provide the youth with musical training and instruction. This instruction will include teaching various instruments, including violin, bass, cello, and viola. By offering programs like the Symphony Orchestra music program, the Club hopes to encourage young people to strive for their complete potential.

By assisting them with various needs and enhancing the quality of life for members of the community, the Club hopes that the students will grow into responsible adults that can break free of the negative urban environment and mentality. Donations like the one made by the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation allow the Club to continue to provide outreach programs to the youth.

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