Ariaclima Srl presents Windy
10 September 2012
Ariaclima Srl, a company specialized in radiant floors and other innovative solar technologies conceived for the production of electric energy and sanitary hot water, in addition to systems for cooling, air conditioning and heating, has recently presented one of its newest products: Windy, an innovative type of ecological conditioner with a single outdoor unit. The new conditioner is thoroughly presented on the company’s website, where you can find also all the other products offered by Ariaclima. Windy is different from other types of air conditioned because it has some specific features, for example it does not have an outdoor unit, which makes it possible to install it without invasive works. Windy, indeed, does not require any condenser outside the house, and you need to make only one hole for the installation. In this way it is possible to avoid the problems that are usually caused by the installation of “traditional” conditioners: higher costs, aesthetical problems (a problem that should not be underestimated especially if you live in historical buildings), and the necessity to have the permission of joint owners. The main advantages coming from choosing Windy are a simple and fast installation, the possibility of choosing between floor or wall installation and its little size. Other factors that make Windy interesting are quiet functioning, which allow you to cool and heat solving the problem of the annoying noise which is usually produced by other types of monoblock air conditioners, and the special multi-layer insulation of all the components, which makes the product suitable to be installed everywhere, also thanks to the double isolation compressor. Easy to install but also to use, Windy is perfect to be used in various contexts, and it ensures excellent performances and functionalities: it dehumidifies vaporizing the water vapor outdoor, it has reduced costs thanks to its high technology, it is equipped with a simple and intuitive remote control and electrostatic filters that improve the air quality. Thanks to its sensors, Windy can detect inside and outside temperature; comparing the temperature that has been set with the outdoor temperature, it can automatically select the best option (heating, dehumidification, cooling). Also the functions “jet cool” and “jet warm” are very useful: just activating a bottom, it allows you to reach the perfect temperature quickly with a powerful flow of hot or cold air conditioned. Windy, an A class household appliance as far as both heating and cooling are concerned, meets also the aesthetical needs of customers: its paintable surface, indeed, makes it possible to personalize details and colours. Ariaclima Srl Press release by Francesca Tessarollo Prima Posizione Srl – web marketing agency