Scott Klososky & FPOVi to Host Workshop on High Beam Leadership Nov 7-9, 2012 in Oklahoma City, OK

Join international technology expert Scott Klososky with Future Point of View Institute (FPOVi) for a workshop on High Beam Leadership on November 7-9, 2012.

Online PR News – 10-September-2012 – Edmond, OK – The business world is getting more complicated and competitive each day, something that will likely never be reversed. This means making strategic leadership decisions is more critical than ever before. Many executives muddle through this process and hope for a magical solution. The good news is that building an accurately aimed plan for the future is not magic at all; in fact, it can be summed up in the High Beam Leadership Process.

The High Beam process provides one specific thing: a well thought-out and group-created view for how your organization can prosper in the future based on an ever-evolving landscape. However, the High Beam process only complements an organization’s current strategic process; it is not meant to replace it.

Workshop Benefits

• Adopt methods and tools for improving your team’s ability to accurately envision the future.
• Harvest a number of thought-leading ideas on possible future dynamics for the consideration of new possibilities to be leveraged or defended.
• Gain an expanded view of what the next five years will look like across many different industries.
• Learn to identify key strategic investments for prospering in the future.

At this workshop, the content and discussions are designed to provide anyone in a strategic leadership role a model and the knowledge for accurately creating a future vision for his or her organization. It’s designed to help executives learn the High Beam process, hear other participants’ future views in each industry represented, and brainstorm possible future scenarios to avoid or capitalize on.

Please note that this workshop is highly interactive, and each participant will be required to present a future view of their industry. Homework is given before the workshop begins and between the sessions. Time is set aside for interaction with Scott and other participants, and there is an expectation that everyone will participate in the discussions and be present during the entire workshop.

Program Dates & Fees

November 7-9, 2012 – Oklahoma City, OK
$5,000 per participant
(Discount for multiple course enrollment)

Private one-day workshops can also be provided to companies or associations for $25,000 at the location of their choice (in the continental U.S.). International workshops are priced based on region.

For reservations, booking information, workshop agenda, and all hotel inquiries, please contact:

Callie Ferguson –
Our Future Point of View Office:
5904 Lakewood Ridge Rd.
Edmond, OK 73013
(405) 359.3910

About Us:
Future Point of View (FPOV) Institute is a thought-leading consulting and speaking firm specializing in helping clients understand and leverage emerging online technology trends to win. Leading each workshop event is FPOV's own Scott Klososky, an internationally recognized technology expert and a highly sought-after keynote speaker.

As a former CEO of three successful tech startups, Scott specializes in looking over the horizon with how technology is changing the world. His vision and ability to see trends in emerging technologies allow him to be a thought leader who applies his skills to help organizations thrive, leaders prosper, and entire industries move forward. From leveraging the latest trends to understanding how technology is forever changing the business world, Scott delivers game-changing insight to give clients the edge they need. Together, our team is passionate about helping you and your organization embrace these powerful trends, and we're confident in providing a game-changing experience. We bring attendees from all different industries and minds from every level of experience - we're only waiting to hear from you.

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