Professional Résumé Writer Is Critical Member of Job Seeker’s Team In New Economy

Professional résumé writers and writing services are even more valuable as the Internet becomes a major job-finding and hiring tool.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – Edwardsville, IL…The value of professional résumé writers and writing services is most evident during the recovery phase following an economic recession. This is especially true of the Recession of 2009. It changed the global economy forever, creating an entirely new business climate where the old rules don’t apply—and that includes the process of finding a job.

It’s not just the changed economy that has made a professional résumé writer or writing service a critical member of every job seeker’s team. It’s also the growing use of the Internet by employers and human resource professionals. They use its speed and search tools to find the best job applicants.

Employers are using sophisticated search and analytical methods to scan and find just those résumés that match specific criteria. One incorrect word or phrase on a résumé could deny an otherwise qualified job seeker from further consideration. A professional résumé writer or writing service knows the key words that strongly connect skills and experience with employers’ needs.

Even a professionally written résumé is no guarantee of job success. Knowing where to place résumés on the Web is just as important. Professional résumé writers and services have also acquired that expertise.

The Internet method of seeking jobs is changing just as fast as…the Internet. Professional certification protects the consumer and establishes the integrity and qualifications of résumé writers and writing services. Some writers have redirected their efforts to become pioneers of the growing professional résumé writers industry.

One of those pioneers is Heather Eagar, who is recognized as a leading expert in the employment search industry. After her time as a certified résumé writer, she is now focused on helping résumé writers and companies promote their services at

“There are many résumé writers and writing services, large and small, well established and new,” said Eagar. “The job seeker has too many other concerns to spend valuable time looking for the right résumé writer or writing service.”

Adapting to the major changes in the job-seeking process may seem daunting, but taking advantage of all the benefits of that process improves the likelihood of finding the best position. The first step is to use a professional résumé writer or writing service, the most valuable member of any job seeker’s team.

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