“Tell my homeboy David Cameron I said come see me in da hood”

In the wake of the 2011 riots, urban film writer/director m.a.double seeks to contact PM via the media to help deliver message to the nations disenfranchised youth.

Online PR News – 09-September-2012 – London – Urban film writer/director Matthew “m.a.double” Walters, who faced 10 years in prison, was found not guilty of importing Class A drugs on 31/07/12. With his ghetto drug film “Ready 4 Whatever” set to premiere at Cannes 2013 and “Picture Me Rollin’”, an aspirational ghetto short story ready for principle photography, m.a.double also wants to demonstrate to his target audience the importance of being politically conscious. From now until he goes into production on his feature film “Troublesome” in the summer of 2013, he’s going to be attempting to communicate with the PM via the media with an offer to make a guest appearance in his cinematic debut, in a scene which celebrates the teen aged characters coming of age out of the gangsta culture and into mainstream society.

The aim is for the film to generate interest in setting up an initiative where local MP’s up and down the country and the actual gang members, thugs and hoodies in their respective constituencies create a forum where both sides can have their questions answered, myths dispelled, and avenues of progress forged to bring young people in from the fringes, and give them a stake in society.

I’ve done a lot of things in my lifetime. I’ve kidnapped people, I’ve been kidnapped, I’ve run from the police with helicopters and dogs chasing me, I’ve been involved in various criminal activities and never been caught, but when the Class A importation incident happened and I was looking at 10 years in jail it opened my eyes. Now I just really want to help eliminate this drug dealing culture because I’m seeing people I went to church with getting involved and I don’t know if the know what being on bail for 14 months and facing 10 years feels like. I want the prime minister involved because when my target audience see that, they’ll respond. If it’s some other MP or a look-a-like, that aint keepin’ it real and it won’t resonate. – m.a.double

m.a.double is accepting music submissions, as well as actor/model resumes for his short "Picture Me Rollin'" up until 3rd of October. This latest film is produced by producer's guild of America award winner and Oscar shortlistee Ivan Francis Clements, who also produced m.a.double's last project "Ready 4 Whatever".


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