Denver City Council Bans Outdoor Advertisement Signs for Medical Marijuana reports

Some signs even went to the extent of saying ‘Free Joints! Free Weed’.

Online PR News – 09-September-2012 – -------- – San Francisco, CA - The shocking and aggressive promotion of strong weed/marijuana in the city of Denver through huge billboards and sign waivers on the sides of different roads, forced the city council members to pass an ordinance on Monday night to ban it. Therefore, now the council will look to curb the pulj lively marijuana industry of the city through this ordinance, as council members voted 13-0 against the outdoor advertisement of medical marijuana.

Councilwoman Debbie Ortega, who had endorsed this ordinance of banning outdoor banners, window advertisements and sign spinners along with 12 other members said,

"Some people are very offended by the sign spinners. The signs and banners appear to target the general public instead of patients. Kids see them," according to

Councilman Paul Lopez, who also voted against the outdoor advertising of medical marijuana, has a similar opinion, he said,

"I don't appreciate folks that are out in front of a creepy old van slinging this dope, and they're making this industry look bad. I'm sick and tired of my neighbourhood being overrun by folks who don't respect it."

The outdoor advertising of medical marijuana had rapidly increased the sale and demand of the potent product. Therefore, the industry of marijuana in Denver city is divided in two groups over this new ordinance. One faction, the Medical Marijuana Industry Group is vigorously in favor of this new ordinance. They strongly pushed this outdoor advertising ban campaign, as they believe that such ads give a bad impression of their industry.

On the other hand, the second faction, which includes the influential Cannabis Business Alliance, says that the effects of this prohibition go too far and it will hurt them in the future.

Dispensary owner Cheri Hackett also is reported to have said that, "We don't necessarily need sign spinners on the side of the road. But we do need to opportunity to educate."

However, this new ordinance passed by the city council of Denver will not affect the advertising on television, radio and in print form. Though now it necessary that pot ads should include this disclaimer that pot is "for registered Colorado medical marijuana patients only."

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