Douglas Watson Releases New Novel "Jamie's Machine" Through SkyAzure Publishing Subsidiary
9 September 2012
SkyAzure Publishing subsidiary NR Press, in association with leading Print-on-Demand provider, is proud to announce the release of the paperback edition of "Jamie's Machine", the first novel by Douglas Watson. "Jamie's Machine" is a dark, gritty contemporary urban Sci-Fi novel dealing with such themes as loss, grief, bullying, mental illness and social exclusion. Set in Scotland, where the Cornwall based author originally hails from, the novel has generated significant pre-publication interest and SkyAzure Publishing / NR Press are pleased to add it to their growing reportoire. NR Press is a dedicated fiction subsidiary imprint of SkyAzure, the leading online publishing and education provider which launched a publishing arm in early 2012. The novel retails for £8.99 (exc. P&P) and is currently available as a Print-on-Demand paperback via the marketplace. Launch via Amazon is pending. An epub version is also available and there is a Kindle-friendly version planned for Q4 2012. To buy the novel, simply search the store for "Jamie's Machine." Early interest is high and the novel is on course to be SkyAzure / NR's most successful offering to date. Jack Kraster, head of SkyAzure special projects, had this to say about the release: "It is absolutely fantastic that we have secured the publishing and distribution rights to such a fantastic first novel by such a promising up-and-coming author. I have read and re-read "Jamie's Machine" several times now and I never get tired of reading it. It is a masterpiece." Meanwhile, the author states that: "It is not everyday that one encounters a publishing firm with the energy and drive of SkyAzure / NR. Although there were several offers on the table, I chose SkyAzure / NR as it was - by far and away - the most impressive. Being a small firm, they are able to spend more time editing, guiding and generally supporting my project. I hope to release more work through them, if they'll have me!"