A Yorkshire businessman launches a successful garage door venture out of the back

James Puplett’s business is booming in economically tough times

Online PR News – 08-September-2012 – -- – San Francisco, CA - James Puplett is a Yorkshire businessman who has launched his company out of the back of a van and is now helping young apprentices to get a better footing on their career ladder.

East Yorkshire Shutters (EYS) now based in Burma Drive, manufacturers’ made-to-measure roller shutters for a range of schools building. They serve hatches to garage doors and farm buildings.

Puplett, according to thisisscunthorpe.co.uk, has said that in the past year he has hired four apprentices to add to the growing workforce that he has.

"I hear about so many young people out of work at the moment. Our apprentices are all doing really well, he said.

"An apprentice has often just come out of school, so we can teach them the way we want them to and to our standards.

"It works really well. I trust my staff 100 percent and they always know what they are doing."

Puplett is working with the training provider Hull Tec in north Hull and said that he is looking to continue to take up on apprentices as he goes on to expand his business.

Hull Tec is a really good college to work with and the staff has helped him out a lot with the apprentices and he has built a strong and healthy relationship with the college.

Purplett started his business in 2006 and the company is thriving currently. It specializes with the installation, maintenance and repair fo the roller shutters and has a workforce of 13 as it continues to develop.

"We feel financially secure and everybody's jobs are secure," Puplett said.

He added: "The new business is very busy and this is another reason we are looking for another premises."

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