Tow trucks hired to aid stockton highway drivers with 1.8 million dollar project reports

A wonderful step to control the traffic

Online PR News – 08-September-2012 – -- – San Francisco, CA - Stockton business, Mike’s Towing, has triumphed the cut-throat bidding process of $1.8 million work that is expected to help control the city’s traffic jam in peak hours.

The primary task of Mike’s Towing would be to fix the flat tires and make nominal repairs to the vehicles of highway drivers that are stuck on the road. They will also tow the immovable cars of highway drivers to a safe spot to help clear the way for traffic tremendously, the service is totally free for travellers.

The local transportation officers hired Mike’s towing to watch construction zone areas of Interstate 5 and Highway 99 to get rid of the heavy traffic jams.

Associate Regional planner of San Joaquin Council of Governments, Donald Mascardo, told that,

“The objective here is to relieve congestion in a timely manner and avoid accidents.”

He said that a slight interruption in the construction zone could result in huge traffic jams and if by some reason a car has to stop in those circumstances, “It will get stuck in that lane, and it will cause congestion.”

The service will begin at the start of next year and would continue for almost 30 months. In addition, the tow trucks will patrol four mega projects and will help in the expansion of freeways, reconstruct interchanges and similar necessary measures.

Most of the construction work has started in that area while the rest will begin in 2013, garnering the area $675 million worth of construction.

A representative of the California Department of Transportation, Chantel Miller, added that the service is not unique as San Joaquin County has experienced this type of service in past.

On top of that, this Freeway Service Patrol is not restricted to the construction areas but will also patrol Interstate 205.

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