Polyvision TS620 Interactive Whiteboard

9th March 2010, San Diego: Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse introduces the Polyvision TS620 Interactive whiteboard to their clients. This Interactive whiteboard comes equipped with features which make it a good buy for many different customers.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – Polyvision TS620 is an electric powered interactive whiteboard which is used by many different fields, such as teaching, science, business, planning etc. The electronic whiteboard comes equipped with a projector and stylus, and can be upgraded for 5 years for free. The Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse also offers free 2 year warranty with the whiteboard.
Polyvision interactive whiteboard gives the teachers, scientists, businessmen a chance to upgrade their meetings with a digital system which is hassle free and gives them more work in less time. The owner can use the digital stylus to mark and erase any sort of notes without having to type over a keyboard. The touch sensitive screen also makes it easier to point and note the object you are discussing with the audience, making it more interesting for them to understand. You can also save a particular session and open it later with the help of digital memory available on the Polyvision interactive whiteboard. You are also given a CD-ROM which can be used for any purpose, and all you have to do is install a driver to use any program which you want to run on your computer. You can use the Polyvision interactive whiteboard for many different purposes, as it upgrades your performance and adds professionalism to your presentations without you having to worry about paperwork.
Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse also offers different attachments to its clients, which can be used as upgrades on your electronic whiteboard, such as conference unit, usb cable, and HMobile stand. With so many different features and upgrades available in the market, the Polyvision interactive whiteboard makes sure you are up to date with the latest technology in the market, especially with the use of add-ons and other devices which you can use to upgrade your system.
Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse has been a major player in the market for a long time. They provide many different types of electronic whiteboards and other devices to compliment them. You can check for more information at their website. All the information regarding the interactive whiteboards is available at the website.
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