Mimio Interactive Portable Whiteboard System

March 8th 2010, San Diego: Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse announces a super deal for their clients. Now you can buy 5 Mimio Interactive portable whiteboard system and get 1 absolutely free.

Online PR News – 16-March-2010 – – Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse announced on Monday that they are giving away 1 free Mimio interactive portable whiteboard system worth $895 free with the purchase of a bundle of 5. They also offer the same device on a lower rate ($625) than the market to make sure that the clients get the best in the business.
Mimio Electronic whiteboard is a portable device which can be used with different whiteboards to make them digitally interactive. It includes a projector and stylus system which helps in marking anything on the projector screen, thus making it a digital pen. You can also save and print your documents directly from the whiteboard to save time and effort. The Mimio electronic whiteboard is also just 1 pound in weight, making it easier to carry wherever you want. This device is also known as interactive whiteboards as well and is suitable for different fields such as classrooms, boardrooms, presentations, and labs. Mimio electronic whiteboard also be used as a notebook, and you can insert hyperlinks in the documents through the use of the screen. It comes with a good variety of tools which can be used for presentations such as the spotlight and reveal system where you can put emphasis on a particular object.
Electronic Whiteboards Ware House has come up with a plan for their customers to give them a benefit by providing them the Mimio Electronic whiteboard at a lower price. They also provide the customers with a 2 year warranty and free 5 year upgrade plan for the device. This means you can rest assure that your electronic whiteboard is up to date with every upgrade.
You can also add different upgrades to your Mimio electronic whiteboard, such as capture accessory kit, carry case, mini-USB cable, mounting brackets, extension cable, 8 different colored styluses, battery packs, erasers and plenty more. These add-ons make help you upgrade your device to a better quality electronic whiteboard, making it faster and give good quality output.
Electronic Whiteboard Warehouse deals in different types of electronic whiteboards, which can be found on the website. You can check the website out for further details about other offers and deals which they are providing their clients.

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